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Meet Cartoonist and Comics Illustrator Jim Rugg at DCAZ Fest

Lit Chat Author Talk with Jim Rugg at DCAZ Fest
Lovers of zines, comics, and podcasts will all enjoy our upcoming Lit Chat Interview with Jim Rugg, a big name in all of those fields! Jim Rugg joins us on October 22 as our headlining author for the inaugural Duval Comic and Zine Fest at the Main Library downtown. Read on for more info!

Teens: Meet Comics Writer and Artist Ryan Estrada

Teen Lit Chat Author Talk with Ryan Estrada

Ryan Estrada is an author and an adventurer who has spent 8 years traveling the world. He has lived and visited over a dozen countries and his work is heavily inspired by his experiences and the cultures and people that he has met in his travels. Ryan will join us from his home in South Korea to tell us all about these experiences and how he creates his work!

Apply to Join the Board of Library Trustees

Woman leading a group of professionals in a meeting in the library

Do you like working with people, leading meetings and communicating effectively? If you do, and you are passionate about reading and giving back to your community, you’d be a great candidate for the Board of Library Trustees (BOLT).

Writer's Lab: Change the Names and Make Stuff Up With Darlyn Finch Kuhn

Writer’s Lab: Change the Names and Make Stuff Up Darlyn Finch Kuhn

Have you ever wanted to tell your life story, but thought it wasn’t exciting enough? Are you trying to write your first novel but don’t know where to find a plot? An autobiographical novel might be the place to start? Join us for this workshop to learn how to use real things that have happened to you in fun, fictional ways!

Lit Chat with Kristy Cambron

Lit Chat with Kristy Cambron

Have you ever wondered how authors make the people and places in their books feel so real? For Kristy Cambron, it’s the research! Join Kristy and interviewer Madeline Martin for a live Zoom event to learn more about the painstaking process of researching a historical novel, and more! 

Celebrating the Freedom to Read

Banned Books Week

Launched in 1982, Banned Books Week has become the official annual celebration of the freedom to read. Typically held the last week of September, it brings together librarians, booksellers, publishers, journalists, teachers, and readers of all types in shared support of free and open access to information.

Books celebrating Hispanic Heritage

Hispanic Heritage Month

National Hispanic Heritage Month highlights the histories, cultures and contributions of Americans who have Spanish and Latin American ancestry. Whether you’re celebrating your family’s heritage or hoping to learn more about people from other cultures, stories are a great way to explore what connects us and what makes each culture unique.