Research & Learning


Research & Learning

Homework Help

  • Use the library's research databases for authoritative sources for school papers.

Learn Something New

  • Help with Test Prep.
  • Learn a new Language with Transparent Language Online.
  • Learn new software, technology, creative, and business skills to achieve your personal and professional goals with video tutorials on LinkedIn

Fix my Car

  • Access Chilton Manuals for step-by-step auto repairs.

Get a Job

  • Search for a job in Reference Solutions.
  • Build a resume and practice interviewing in Career Transitions.
  • Prepare and test for career advancement.

Do Business Research

  • Get investment research from Morningstar.
  • Research business locations with Reference Solutions.
  • Find starter business plans.
  • Build your business with the Small Business Resources.

Research Family History

  • Search for an obituary.
  • Visit a library location to use Ancestry Library Edition

Kids Resources

  • Start your young child on the right track with Miss Humblebee's Academy.
  • Get age-appropriate full-text articles from Gale in Context | Elementary.
  • Explore the World with National Geographic Kids
  • Learn a Language with KidsSpeak from Transparent Language Online.

Find Something to Read

  • Do some literary research with Literature Resource Center.
  • Find your next read with Books and Authors or Novelist.
  • Sign up for an Online Books Club.

Access Magazines and Newspapers

  • Explore every National Geographic Magazine ever published.
  • Read newspapers from throughout the country, including the Wall Street Journal and the Florida Times Union.


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