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To suggest a program or event to the Library for consideration please review the specifications for how the Library goes about creating and delivering a program and submit your idea via this form.

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The Library considers service quality standards and strategic objectives set by our Board of Library Trustees and administered by the staff in the Learning Services department according to a clearly defined specifications that can be reviewed here.

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To understand why the Library creates and delivers programs to the community please read our programming objectives.

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The definition of a Library program and the standards that the Library uses to select and/or create a program are explained here.

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All residents of Duval County (regardless of age) qualify for a Jacksonville Public Library card with acceptable proof of residency. Any person age seventeen (17) and under may obtain a library card if their parent or legal guardian meets the requirements for a resident card and has ID for the child. Review the different card types, their benefits, and requirements here.

Acceptable proof of residency imprinted with name and current street address is required. Examples are listed in the Circulation Policy here.

Persons residing outside of Duval County can purchase a three-month, a six-month or a one-year Nonresident Card.

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A hold is a request, made by a customer for an item to be held at or transferred to a designated branch for pickup and check out. Holds are filled on a first-come, first-serve basis. Customers may place holds through the library’s online catalog using their valid library card and a Personal Identification Number (PIN).

Note: Materials must be checked out with the card used to place the hold. More information regarding holds can be found in the Library's Circulation Policy here.

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Most materials may be renewed twice and renewing checked out materials may be done in person, over the telephone, or online through My Account. There are times when an item may not be renewed. Those restrictions are listed here.

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To renew your library card, just stop by any of our 21 library locations with proof that you reside in Duval County.  Acceptable proof of residency in Duval County is listed under Proof of Residency in the Library's Circulation Policy.

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The average price for the replacement of library materials is listed in the Circulation Policy and can be found here.

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Six weeks (42 days) after the final due date (overdue) of borrowed material, the material is considered lost. At that time the replacement cost of the item is added to your account along with a $5 processing fee.

Nine weeks (63 days) after the final due date of borrowed material, your account will be sent to a collection agency and additional, non-refundable collection agency fees may be applied to your account.

If you return a long-overdue item in good condition, the replacement cost and $5 processing fee will be waived. Collection agency fees may still apply.

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Yes, Materials borrowed via interlibrary loan can be returned to any branch via the bookdrop.   If you have questions, please call (904) 255-2665.

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Tips and tricks for using your online account.

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The Interlibrary Loan (ILL) service offers customers access to collections beyond what is held in Jacksonville, allowing customers to request items to be sent to their local library. Please check out Interlibrary loan.

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Please use this form to suggest a title to be added to the Jacksonville Public Library collection.

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To rent space at the Conference Center located at the Main Library in downtown Jacksonville Florida please check out the Conference Center's page here.

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Please read the information provided in Marketing Your Book to the Jacksonville Public Library to find out.

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Look for the latest book titles at the library here.

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Please use the information on the Get a Library Card page to help you pick the best library card for you.

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Most users can bring their wireless-enabled device to the Library and simply turn it on. First time users should:

  1. Check for broadcasting networks in your device’s wifi settings.
  2. Select the “LibraryPublic” network.
  3. Open a browser on your device.
  4. Terms and Conditions of internet will appear, scroll to the bottom, reviewing if you wish and hit “Continue to the Internet.”
  5. The browser will connect to the Library’s home page.
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Please use the Request a New PIN form.

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Yes. You can contact the Talking Books Library at 904-255-2665 when prompted select option 2 and staff can direct you to staff in the TBKS Library.

Hours M-F 10-6pm

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Books and DVDs in good condition may be brought to any Library location. The materials you donate primarily help the Friends of the Library raise money for the Library through book sales. 

To understand more on what and how the Library accepts donations and how you can donate books and other materials to the Library please review the Library's Donation Policy. Call 904-255-BOOK (2665) for more information.

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The processing fee and replacement cost will be removed from your account. No overdue fines will be charged. If it has been longer than 63 days overdue and has been sent to collections, a collection agency fee may apply.

If you paid for losing an item, those fees cannot be refunded even if you find it later. The fees collected for lost items are put into the library’s collection budget and the fee is cleared from your account. This was approved as part of the Library's Circulation Policy on August 22, 2019 by the Board of Library Trustees.

Question Category: Fines and Fees

Yes. If you’re notified by email, you’ll receive an email 3 days before an item is due, and 7 days and 21 days after the due date if the item has not been returned. If the item is not returned after 42 days past the final due date, the replacement cost of the item and a $5 processing fee are added to your account. If you do not receive email notices from us, you will receive an overdue notice in the mail after the item is 21 days overdue and the lost bill after 42 days.

Question Category: Fines and Fees

If an item you had was either lost, damaged or not returned, you may incur fees. Fees have not been waived (only overdue fines) as they are needed to maintain or replace library materials so others can borrow them. Call us at (904) 255-2665 with questions.

Question Category: Fines and Fees

Yes, PLEASE! We would love to recover any materials that you may have been holding onto because of overdue fines. If you return a long-overdue item in good condition, the replacement cost and $5 processing fee will be waived. Collection agency fees may still apply.

Question Category: Fines and Fees

Yes. Fine free doesn't waive responsibility. The library is still a place where people share access to a collection of more than 2 million items, so borrowing will still have due dates and renewal limits (as always) to keep things circulating.

Items will be considered lost after the final due date (42 days past due), and the library will use a recovery process (overdue notice by mail) to retrieve the material or its replacement cost. If it has been longer than 63 days overdue, it will be sent to collections and a collection agency fee may apply.

If you return a long-overdue item in good condition, the replacement cost and $5 processing fee will be waived. Collection agency fees may still apply. Collection agency fees are non-refundable.

Question Category: Fines and Fees

Yes. You can return materials to any one of the library’s 21 locations. They do not have to be returned to the same location you borrowed them from.

Question Category: Returns

Yes. Please call (904) 255-2665 and we’ll cancel it for you.

Question Category: Curbside Pickup

No. You will not be able to pick up your hold until the library staff prepare it and send the notice (text or email).  To ensure that we can provide you and your fellow library cardholders with the best possible experience, please do not attempt to pick up holds before you have been notified that they are ready.

Question Category: Curbside Pickup

Not unless otherwise invited to do so by the library. You may receive a call from a Jacksonville Public Library staff member or an email inviting you to have your hold relocated to an open curbside location. Otherwise, please plan to pick up your held item at the library listed in your notification.  Additional information available at Curbside Pickup.

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No, you don’t need an appointment. However—like when visiting a busy restaurant—making a reservation for library curbside pickup will result in a better and faster experience. If you do not have an appointment, follow the “No Appointment” signs in the parking lot and follow the instructions on the sign to retrieve your holds.

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You will receive a link and instructions on making appointments in the email notification your receive, or when you receive a phone notification.

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