Please use the form on the Board of Trustees page to send a question or comment to the Library Director or the Board of Library Trustees (BOLT).

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To have your book considered for adding to the Local Author Collection, click here Submit to the Local Author Collection.

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Please use the Ask A Librarian service for help with your question not answered in the FAQ or covered in the list below. 

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To suggest a program or event to the Library for consideration please review the specifications for how the Library goes about creating and delivering a program and submit your idea via this form.

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The Library considers service quality standards and strategic objectives set by our Board of Library Trustees and administered by the staff in the Learning Services department according to a clearly defined specifications that can be reviewed here.

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To understand why the Library creates and delivers programs to the community please read our programming objectives.

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The definition of a Library program and the standards that the Library uses to select and/or create a program are explained here.

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Tips and tricks for using your online account.

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The Interlibrary Loan (ILL) service offers customers access to collections beyond what is held in Jacksonville, allowing customers to request items to be sent to their local library. Please check out Interlibrary loan.

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Please use this form to suggest a title to be added to the Jacksonville Public Library collection.

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Please read the information provided in Marketing Your Book to the Jacksonville Public Library to find out.

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Most users can bring their wireless-enabled device to the Library and simply turn it on. First time users should:

  1. Check for broadcasting networks in your device’s wifi settings.
  2. Select the “LibraryPublic” network.
  3. Open a browser on your device.
  4. Terms and Conditions of internet will appear, scroll to the bottom, reviewing if you wish and hit “Continue to the Internet.”
  5. The browser will connect to the Library’s home page.
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Books and DVDs in good condition may be brought to any Library location. The materials you donate primarily help the Friends of the Library raise money for the Library through book sales. 

To understand more on what and how the Library accepts donations and how you can donate books and other materials to the Library please review Library policies. Call 904-255-BOOK (2665) for more information.

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Yes, PLEASE! We would love to recover any materials that you may have been holding onto because of overdue fines. If you return a long-overdue item in good condition, the replacement cost and processing fee will be waived. Collection agency fees may still apply.

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Not unless otherwise invited to do so by the library. You may receive a call from a Jacksonville Public Library staff member or an email inviting you to have your hold relocated to an open curbside location. Otherwise, please plan to pick up your held item at the library listed in your notification.  Additional information available at Curbside Pickup.

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