21st Century Urban Branch Envisioning Project


Take four minutes to help us understand how your neighborhood libraries (specifically Brentwood, Bill Brinton Murray Hill, Brown Eastside, Dallas Graham, and Westbrook) should evolve! 

Urban Branch Envisioning

The City of Jacksonville (COJ) and Jacksonville Public Library (JPL) hired Aaron Cohen Associates to facilitate a community-focused design process resulting in an Urban Library Facilities Master Plan including: Bill Brinton Murray Hill Branch Library; Brentwood Branch Library; Brown Eastside Branch Library; Dallas Graham Branch Library; and Westbrook Branch Library.

The purpose of the 21st Century Urban Branch Study is to help the Jacksonville Public Library envision, plan, and implement a new service model for five of our urban branches. In addition to ensuring ready access to reading and learning materials, it is important that the communities served by these smaller, older branches receive evolving services including computing and public technology, lifelong learning programs and activities, and spaces that enable community engagement and gatherings. The study will assess the current facilities against the communities' needs and will attempt to develop recommendations to enhance, renovate, expand or replace them, while also providing estimates for the funding necessary to move each project forward. The results will be used to plan the next phases of the Library's service to the City's Urban Core and beyond.

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A summary of major tasks is as follows:

  • Task #1: Develop Conceptual Service Plan for 21st Century Library Service at Library’s Five Urban Branches
  • Task #2: Evaluate the Library’s Five Urban Branches against the Conceptual Service Plan developed in Task #1
  • Task #3: Recommendations and Cost Estimate

Project Work Plan

The Project Team comprises:

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