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Monday, August 14, 2023

Library U: Never Stop Learning

# Never Stop Learning

Whether you're looking for writing or publishing tips, in search of a good book recommendation, or you're a budding entrepreneur looking for small business resources, the Library and YOU are the perfect match!

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At the Library, you'll find the people, resources and books you need to keep make your dream a reality.

Library U is a collection of programs and classes for adults as well as free email newsletters that keep you connected, sharing ideas and learning. Meet and learn from published authors, master gardeners, small business experts and other curious people, just like you! 

Expand your mind

Public libraries are the people’s universities! Don’t spend thousands on writer’s retreats, faraway conventions or expensive courses online. Get these same experiences for FREE with Library U right here at your Library!

Be the first to know about upcoming Lit Chat author events, Writer's Lab workshops, and more! 

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Adult Programs

Lit Chat Interview with Nate Powell

Lit Chat with Award-Winning Graphic Novelist Nate Powell

DCAZ Fest (Duval Comic and Zine Fest) June 15th 11 AM - 5 PM Jacksonville Public Library Main

Third Annual Duval Comic and Zine Fest at the Main Library

Writer's Lab: Formatting Your Work for Print with Thony Aiuppy

Writer's Lab with Cartoonist & Zinester Thony Aiuppy at DCAZ Fest

Library U: Adult Programs

This June: Author Talks, Workshops, Book Clubs and More for Adults

Join a Library Book Club

Library Book Clubs and Adult Reading Challenges to Join in June

Lit Chat Interview with Alejandro Nodarse. Image includes a headshot of the author.

Lit Chat Author Interview with Debut Novelist Alejandro Nodarse

Writer's Lab: Zine Making 101 workshop with Lindsay Anderson

Zine Making 101: A Free Writer's Lab workshop with Lindsay Anderson

Small Business and Side Hustles Library U newsletter

May is Small Business Month: Celebrate with FREE Business Resources!