Writer's Lab

Writer’s Lab with Nikesha Elise Williams

Complex Characters, award-winning author Nikesha Elise Williams will help you make your characters more compelling in two virtual sessions and a final virtual workshop.

This character study is for writers who want to dig beyond the surface of common tropes and give their characters depth that make them feel like real people. People who are flawed, insecure, incomplete, and blind to their own behavior.

Writer’s Lab STORYTELLING 101: Understanding Fiction's Key Elements

Vic DiGenti for Writer's Lab at the library

Learning to write a well-crafted novel or short story can take years of practice, but an understanding of the basic techniques of storytelling can quickly flatten the learning curve. Storytelling 101 is for both beginning writers and more advanced pros looking for new insights. Award-winning author Vic DiGenti leads writers in three virtual sessions based on the popular Novel in A Day workshop designed to provide writers with the tools needed to successfully craft their own novel.

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