Teen Think Tank (6th - 12th Grade)

Teen Think Tank (6th - 12th Grade): Edgar Allan Poe

Teen Think Tank

#“All that we see or seem / Is but a dream within a dream.”

—”A Dream Within A Dream”

If you like to read horror books like Fear Street or mysteries like Sherlock Holmes, you have Edgar Allan Poe to thank! He is the Master of Mystery and the Monarch of Macabre. His stories have entertained and frightened generations of readers as well as inspired and influenced other great writers from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle to R.L. Stine. This week we celebrate 19th century American author and poet, Edgar Allan Poe's Birthday!

Teen Think Tank (6th - 12th Grade): MLK Jr.

Teen Think Tank

"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."

Martin Luther King Jr.'s legacy is alive and well as we still gather to march and protest for social justice and equality. MLK was a champion for all people. He stressed the importance of rising above fear and with courage and determination, change was possible. This week we'll celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday and the contributions he made to advancing the Civil Rights Movement.

Teen Think Tank (6th - 12th Grade): Social Media

Teen Think Tank

Nothing has connected people more than Social Media. Love it or hate it, it allows us to send and receive information in seconds! I mean, honestly, can we really ever have enough memes??? With all the wonderous things Social Media has brought to our lives, it's important to remember that online photos, videos, and comments LIVE FOREVER! Even if you delete it, it’s almost impossible for it to completely be erased from the Internet. This week in Teen Think Tank, we'll get lost in the "interwebs" and explore Social Media.

Teen Think Tank (6th - 12th Grade): Dreams

Teen Think Tank

I have this recurring dream where I'm sitting in the back seat of a car that is racing up a ridiculously steep bridge over the ocean, when I suddenly realize there is no driver at the wheel. Fear washes over me as I try to reach the driver's seat to stop the car, only to find out the brakes don't work. I always manage to wake up before the car plunges into the water below. The world of dreaming has been the subject of much interest for philosophers, writers, and mystics for centuries. This week we explore dreams and the many ways they can reveal our subconscious thoughts and inspire us.

Teen Think Tank (6th - 12th Grade): Blessings

Teen Think Tank

It's finally November and before we are inundated with holiday music everywhere and the urge to shop, shop, shop; let's take the time to pause and reflect on our life. It has been a crazy couple of months and lots of things have changed not just for ourselves but for so many people. Sometimes in order to put things in perspective, we must look at the world around us. This week we'll take a look at Life Lessons and Blessings. What are you thankful for?

Teen Think Tank (6th - 12th Grade): Inktober Cartooning

Teen Think Tank at the Jacksonville Public Library

It's Inktober! Illustrator Jake Parker created this event in 2009 to encourage people of all skill levels to draw something once a day for the month of October, and to share their drawings on social media (#inktober, #inktober2020, @inktober). You don't have to be a great artist to participate, this is something ANYONE can do, regardless of experience. The point is to improve your skills and to inspire/be inspired by others. Read on for more information and join our Inktober drawing classes!

Teen Think Tank (6th - 12th Grade): Back to School

Teen Think Tank Academy

In Drawing for Joy, author and illustrator Stephanie Peterson Jones offers beginning artists a low-stress way to build a successful daily drawing practice in just 15 minutes a day. The exercises start with a focus on simple shapes such as circles, squares, and other geometric textures, then progress gradually toward creating more realistic motifs, including florals and other natural shapes, all built with line and pattern.

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