Junior Scholars (K - 5th Grade)

Junior Scholars (K - 5th Grade): Not So Scary Animals

Tails & Tales Junior Scholars

Welcome to week three of Summer Reading. Be sure to track your reading to earn prizes! Do we have a treat for you this week! Have you heard the saying, "never judge a book by its cover?" That saying certainly applies to many animals. Even though some animals may look scary they can be important and very helpful to us. I like to think that what we find scary about certain animals is based on assumptions; that if we learned more about these animals we would actually not find them scary at all. Join us this week as we meet several "Not So Scary Animals." Who knows, you just might find your next favorite animal!

Junior Scholars (K - 5th Grade): Animal Friendships

Tails & Tales Junior Scholars

If you have a pet either in your home or classroom, you've probably noticed that over time your pet became more comfortable around you and even bonded with you; maybe following you around or getting excited when they saw you. What's really amazing, is that animals can form these special bonds with other animals, too. This week we explore "Animal Friendships" in all their forms!

Junior Scholars (K - 5th Grade): Imagination

Junior Scholars

One of the smartest, most brilliant people in the world said, "Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world." You may have heard of him, famous scientist and inventor, Albert Einstein. Even he knew that imagination was something so important that it should be valued and celebrated. With your imagination, you can create anything and everything! What will you imagine this week?


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