Junior Scholars (K - 5th Grade)

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Junior Scholars: Feast

Junior Scholars Library Academy

Who's hungry? This is a time of year when we gather together with friends and family and enjoy all kinds of delicious food! There are so many yummy things to choose from—what are some of your favorites? Check out the activities below for food-themed fun as well as for books that feature stories about food and recipes for delicious dishes—there's even one that instructs you how to make treats for your furry friends! And you always have an open invitation to join some programs this month!

Junior Scholars: Changes

Junior Scholars Library Academy

Autumn is a time of changes that we experience all around us: the weather is getting cooler, leaves may change color and fall from trees, and there is less sunlight because night comes a little earlier. You may have experienced change recently, too—going to a different school, moving to a new area, or welcoming a new sibling or pet into your family. Change affects us all differently; it can be good or it can upset us, but we find ways to help ourselves adapt and grow from our experiences. Check out these activities and books about different kinds of change, and we look forward to seeing you at a program or two this month!


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