Junior Scholars (K - 5th Grade)

Junior Scholars October 2022: Fall

Junior Scholars Library Academy

Ahhh, October, when fall is in full swing and we experience the beginning of cooler weather and all the fun things that come with that, like hayrides, bonfires, and football games, to name a few. Then there are the foods, like apples, pumpkins, and warming soups and stews. There are also holidays, such as Diwali (the Hindu Festival of Lights) and Halloween. As you enjoy all that the month has to offer, be sure and add a school-age library program to your plans—click on the link below, and you're sure to find a program you'll "fall" for!

Junior Scholars: Community

Junior Scholars

This week, we take a look at the importance of community. Being a part of a community involves learning about and supporting the people who live and work around us. I encourage you to take a walk around your community and use the information you gather to make a 3D map (instructions below). And of course, you're always a part of our Library community—we'd love to see you at one of our programs!

Junior Scholars: Music & Dance

Junior Scholars

We have a great reason to play some music and dance! We have an author of many award-winning books, Matt de la Peña, visiting this week! He will be our guest at a Junior Lit Chat on Tuesday, September 13, from 4-5 p.m. at the Mandarin Branch Library.  Registration information is here. Come spend time with Matt as he talks about his latest work, what his writing process is, and engage in a Q&A session to get to know him better. We also hope you'll attend a program this week to enjoy some music and dance with us!

Junior Scholars: Follow Your Dreams

Junior Scholars

We all have dreams: dreams about what careers we'd like, dreams of our ultimate vacation, and dreams of projects we want to accomplish. Achieving these dreams requires some planning, but every step you take gets you closer to your goal. It's our dream to see you at a program this week, so please join us as we explore what it takes to follow and achieve your dreams!


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