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As a U.S. Citizen, Milu Finally Has a Voice

Milu Benko holding an American flag

"I have lived in this country for a long time and [until now] I could not vote. I didn't have a voice," Milu Benko said. "As a high school teacher, I would always encourage my students to vote and register to vote. But I myself couldn't do that," she said.

"One summer, I took my daughter to the Southeast Library and saw a flyer for classes for citizenship... I decided it was time."

It's Never Too Late

Abigail in a graduation cap and gown, hugging with her kids

Abigail Ricketson gave up on herself until she had kids."I got a job the same week I got my diploma," she said. Now, she's determined to go to college, get her own place, and be the support that they need. "Just because you feel like you can't do it doesn't mean you can't. You just gotta keep moving forward."

Get the Support You Need to Achieve Your Goals

Jason Campbell in cap and gown, holding his diploma

Jason Campbell had been working in a warehouse for the last ten years. But as a husband and a father, he wanted to do more than just make ends meet. "I knew that getting a diploma puts me in a situation where I can support my family better," he said. "There are a lot more opportunities — once you have a college degree — than there are for someone with no high school diploma." So, when he heard about the free GED® program at the Library, Jason reached out.

Get Practice Speaking English at the Center for Adult Learning

Melanie Pelchat and Diana Anissina hold copies of New Beginnings

Last month, in the Center for Adult Learning, several students celebrated their “graduation” from Level 5 English for Speakers of Other Languages classes, the Library’s highest ESOL course level. While no official certificates were awarded at this event, no one left empty-handed. They also walked away having acquired new skills and new friends.

Tiffaney's New Beginning

Tiffaney Capers in cap and gown, holding her diploma

Tiffaney always strived to be the role model her daughter needed. To show her just how important education is, Tiffaney decided to finish her schooling. But first, she needed to complete her high school diploma with help from the Library's Center for Adult Learning. After passing the G.E.D. Test®, she's ready and eager to get her bachelor's degree and move forward in her career.

Geneva Barber Hopes to Inspire Others

Geneva Barber holds her diploma while wearing a cap and gown

After a close friend completed her high school diploma with help from the Library's Center for Adult Learning, Geneva started to picture herself in that cap and gown, holding her own high school diploma. Now she's passed her G.E.D. Test® and she's ready for the next chapter of her amazing story.

GED Graduate Jacqueline: Realizing Dream to Help ‘Even in Death’

rolled up diplomas on a table

Getting past the GED test might lead to your childhood dream—even if it’s to become a mortician.  So the story goes for Jacqueline, a 2018 GED graduate at Jacksonville Public Library, who dreamed of becoming a mortician. Despite receiving a certificate of completion from high school, Jacqueline, who’s enrolled in Florida State College at Jacksonville’s mortuary science program, realized she’d need more than that to pursue the career she envisioned.

Dante Chandler: Diploma helped ‘get foot in door’

Image of Dante Chandler at his Career Online High School graduation

Dante Chandler, 32 years old and happily married, professes that his family and five children are his “motivation for living and being a better person.” One thing he looks forward to each week is making a trip with the kids to the public library, typically the Willowbranch Branch Library, which is near the kids’ school, or the Main Library if they’re venturing close to downtown.

Desiree: Checking high school diploma off bucket list

Image of Desiree Lazarus at her Career Online High School graduation

At age 51, Desiree Lazarus took the plunge, and did something she’s had on her bucket list for a long time—she went “back to high school” to get her diploma. After several failed attempts at the GED—she passed the social studies, science and reading sections easily but had difficulty with the writing and math—she’d all but thrown in the towel when she learned about Career Online High School (COHS) at the library.

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