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Monday Motivation: A New Beginning

Monday Motivation: A New Beginning

Lianying Ye had previously earned a medical degree in China. Tragically, all of her school records and proof of credentials were lost in a fire. Now in the U.S., how would she do what she trained for and what she loved?

Universal Letter Writing Week: Pick Up A Pen and Paper

Universal Letter Writing Week

Universal Letter Writing Week is recognized every year during the second full week of January and it encourages us all to pick up a pen and paper and write to someone. For inspiration, we’ve also put together a list of letter-writing themed books, including some how-to guides and popular fiction titles that expertly feature this fading method of communication. Keep the tradition of pen pals, postcards, and other personalized posts going strong this week and throughout the new year.

Jacksonville Public Library's Top 20 Checkouts of 2020

In previous years, you may have been able to catch your fellow Jacksonvillians reading their latest library book at places like the beach, your monthly book club, at a park, or at a Jacksonville Public Library branch. This year, due to Coronavirus, many of us have been spending our time social distancing and reading at home. Are you interested in knowing what your fellow Jacksonville residents have been reading?

Pro Tip Tuesday: How To Make and Keep Your Resolutions

Pro Tips: What 1-2 skills have you always wanted to learn? Accept the 30 minutes of learning challenge!

Why do so many of our New Year's resolutions end up failing? In addition to commitment and accountability, you also need 1) to be Specific, 2) have some Measure for success, and you need to 3) make it Achievable, 4) and Realistic given the 5) Time frame in which you hope to complete said S.M.A.R.T. goal. It's best to start small. As we kickstart 2021, ask yourself: What 1-2 skills have you always wanted to learn? Accept the 30 Minute Learning Challenge.

Monday Motivation: From One Day... to Day One

Monday Motivation: Pass the GED exam, save money, research colleges

Dennis Hoffman’s education was put on hold when he decided to leave school to help take care of his teenage sister’s children. Through it all, he never gave up on his dream that “one day” he would continue his education. Finally, that day came when Dennis enrolled in the GED® Test Prep program at the Library’s Center for Adult Learning (CAL). Not only did he earn his GED® within six months, shortly thereafter he landed a full-time job!

Writer’s Lab with Nikesha Elise Williams

Complex Characters, award-winning author Nikesha Elise Williams will help you make your characters more compelling in two virtual sessions and a final virtual workshop.

This character study is for writers who want to dig beyond the surface of common tropes and give their characters depth that make them feel like real people. People who are flawed, insecure, incomplete, and blind to their own behavior.

January 2021 New Book Releases

2021 is kicking off with some amazing new book releases here at Jacksonville Public Library! The month promises new releases from fan favorites, such as Tim Dorsey and Tom Vanderbilt, as well as debut releases from Ashley Audrain and Eley Williams! There’s certainly something for everyone in this list of new book releases!

Make This Your Best Year Yet

What will this year be like for you? If you're looking to break away from scrolling through news feeds and getting lost in endless casual games on your phone, check out this walk through your day. If the Library can help you be more successful in 2021, we'd love to be part of your story.

May 2021 be filled with health, happiness, and many memorable library experiences! Happy New Year from the Jacksonville Public Library!

Monday Motivation: Staying Connected

Monday Motivation: Zoom meeting with ESOL instructor, FaceTime with relatives in China, unplug for family board game night

Many adult learners in Jacksonville look to the Library for help. Because of the pandemic, students were relieved when the Library's Center for Adult Learning launched virtual classes and Conversation Groups. They were able to reconnect with classmates and instructors and regain momentum as soon as the library was able to reopen. "Unintended Consequences of Learning at the Library" is a series of stories highlighting student achievement in the face of unexpected obstacles. Sometimes, it is the students who end up doing the teaching - as instructor Naomi Chase points out in this #MondayMotivation blog.


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