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Scary and Not-So-Scary Books for Adults and Kids

Get in the fall spirit! Whether you are trying to scare yourself silly or read about silly monsters we’ve got a book for you. For people who think they can handle a fright-filled book, turn all of the lights on and settle down with one of these chilling stories. On the other hand, if you’d rather not give your children nightmares, we have some nice skeletons and witches too that are not so different from you and me.

So You Think You Can Tech: File Types

Tech Tuesday

This ever happen to you? Someone sends you a file, probably something they made on their personal computer, and when you try to open it nothing happens. Or worse, something does happen. You get a big warning screen saying your computer cannot open that file type. What the heck are they talking about? File types? What are those? Well good news weary internet traveler, I have an answer for you. 

Books To Read During German American History Month

German American History Month Graphic

October is German American Heritage Month in recognition of the founding of Germantown, Pennsylvania in October 1683. Fifteen percent of Americans are of German descent, which is the largest ancestral group in the United States. We owe a huge amount of gratitude to these intellectuals who have shaped American culture including authors such as Stephen King, Dr. Seuss, and John Steinbeck. Read about some of these great authors and more with this list that celebrates the strength of German-Americans who triumph over hardship.

New! Homework Helpline For Parents!

Homework Helpline

Struggling to help a child with their homework? The Jacksonville Public Library is here to help! Our new virtual service, the Homework Helpline, is ready to help you better support your students and alleviate some of your household homework headaches and assignment anxiety.

Must-Read Books About LGBT History Month

LGBT History Month Graphic

October is LGBT History Month! The Stonewall uprising is well known as a significant catalyst for LGBT equality. Patrons of The Stonewall Inn were moved to take a stand after experiencing police brutality on the basis of their sexual orientation. Since then, there have been many activists who have tirelessly fought for LGBT rights. As you look back on the inspiring heroes of the past, consider all the opportunities there are to inspire a new generation that is committed to visibility for this community.

October 2020 New Book Releases

October New Releases

A new month means new books here at Jacksonville Public Library! We've put together a booklist of October's must-read new releases for adults and young adults. There are plenty of new titles released this month to check out.

Celebrate Computer Learning Month With Jacksonville Public Library!

Computer Learning Month

It’s Computer Learning Month! Learn some new tips and tricks that will help you perform tasks and solve problems more efficiently. These books will provide you with the ideal place to start if you want to add some new tools to your tool belt like Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Excel and more.

So You Think You Can Tech: Flipping PDF’s

Tech Tuesday

It can happen at any time. Someone sends you an important file saved as a PDF. You open it to read and maybe sign. Only it is completely, utterly, upside down. Or maybe you’re the one who made it upside down by mistake. Maybe you were scanning a document at home or in the Library and now it’s wonky. What do you do? What can you do? Do you have to redo all the work? If you made it at the Library is it going to cost you more money to scan it right way up? The answer to all these is an easy one. And no, it doesn’t involve turning your computer monitor or standing on your head. At least not entirely… 

Lit Chat: Online Author Talk With George Dekle

Six Capsules Lit Chat with George Dekle

George Dekel joins our Lit Chat series on Monday, September 28, at 1 pm to discuss his new book Six Capsules: The Gilded Age Murder of Helen Potts. Click here to register. If you'd like to research author George Dekle and this topic before participating in the author talk, follow the activites below.

So You Think You Can Tech: Basic Computer Troubleshooting – My Computer has a Virus

Tech Tuesday with Jacksonville Public Library

It happens to all of us at one point or another. Maybe your computer starts slowing. Maybe the ‘W’ on your keyboard stops working. Maybe your printer won’t connect. Is it the WiFi Goblin messing you’re your machine? Have vaguely defined ‘hackers’ taken over your computer to launch satellites and spy on your credit?! Regardless of the issue, or its cause, you have probably looked at your computer, sighed, and started mentally shelling out for the hundred-dollar Geek Squad appointment. Did you know that isn’t necessary though? Did you know that many of your computer’s problems can be easily fixed? If not, then this is the post for you.


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