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Online Learning, Upgraded

LinkedIn Learning with Lynda.com content

Lynda.com just got upgraded! On Monday, April 19, your Lynda.com account migrated to the new LinkedIn Learning for Library platform. With an updated, easier-to-use interface, added and enhanced capabilities, and 16,000+ online courses in 7 languages from expert instructors with real-word experience, LinkedIn Learning with Lynda.com content will give you the career-boosting business know-how you need to accelerate your professional growth. Get the details and all the important notices here.

A Special Small Group Intensive Workshop For Fans Of Our Writer's Lab Series

Are you interested in writing poetry, but don't know where to start? Have you started, but you don't know where to go from there?

Join Dr. Laura Minor, an award-winning poet and poetry educator, for a three-week workshop series on the basics of poetry. This series includes hands-on work in generating ideas and revising drafts, as well as a discussion of the process of submitting and publishing poetry.

Beyond the Four Walls of a Building

Library Book Truck from 1928

What we do and where we do it can change from time to time. Library service doesn't always happen at the library and it certainly doesn't always occur inside the four walls of a building. Our job is about meeting, you, our customer, where you are. Sometimes, we have to take that show on the road! In the past, one of our more "novel" approaches to library service was our bookmobiles.

Earth-Friendly Books For Kids + A Party For The Planet!

With Earth Day around the corner, we've put together a booklist to help educate little ones about the importance of environmentalism. Whether for Earth Day or every day, here are some eco-friendly children’s books that will help foster a love and stewardship for our wonderful planet Earth. 

Get Money Smart this April

Books for financial literacy

Adulting can be hard. "Talking cents” with your spouse, children, or aging parents can cause major stress if you don’t think you have the knowledge or skills. But that’s why we have Financial Literacy Month! It’s all about getting the tools you need to make informed decisions and take control of your personal finances. Even a modest savings cushion can make a big difference when those inevitable emergency expenses come rolling in. Learn how to better manage those ups and downs with some handy how-to books from the Library.

Against All Odds: Student Art in the Library

The Best of Middle School Art Exhibit

This Spring, Jacksonville Public Library will have had the unique pleasure of hosting “The 2021 Best of Elementary Art Show" and "The Best of Middle School Art Exhibit." These annual art shows are extra special this year, after having been cancelled by the pandemic last year. Not only that: students and teachers had to overcome a lot of obstacles in their art-making when COVID safety protocols changed how art was taught in the schools. The Elementary art show wraps up April 14 and the Middle School art exhibit starts April 17 and runs through May 9.

Lit Chat with Tyler Gillespie

We all know a “Florida Man”, but how many of us want to admit to being one? In The Thing About Florida, author Tyler Gillespie takes on the strange people and stories of the Sunshine State from the perspective of a fifth-generation Florida native. Gillespie joins us to talk about what he discovered in his quest to learn more about the state we all call home.

Book Your Next Safe Meeting Here

Meet Safely at the Conference Center at Main

March 2020 brought new challenges to the meeting and event industry as COVID-19 brought everything to standstill. A year later, professionals in this industry have united – stronger and more determined than ever to demonstrate the value of meetings for local business, government, and yes, even libraries. By following local, state, and federal regulations; performing regular and deep cleaning regimens; rethinking layouts; encouraging social distancing; and continuing to meet and exceed customer expectations: Event hosts and conference center staff can offer in-person, hybrid, or virtual meetings and celebrations safely.

Ten Memorable Books To Get Kids Excited About National Library Week

As parents, we are always interested in learning new ways to make our parenting better. Your local library may be an answer. A habit of regular library visits is a great way to help children develop a love for reading. If you haven’t stepped foot inside a library lately, you might still think of them as just a quiet room with books. But, libraries are so much more! 

April 2021 New Book Releases For Adults

April is a great month for new book releases here at the Jacksonville Public Library! We're welcoming in the month with a list of new reads you can borrow with your library card.


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