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November 2020 New Book Releases

November New Releases

A new month means new books here at the Jacksonville Public Library! We've put together a booklist of November's must-read new releases for adults and youth. There are plenty of new titles released this month to check out.

Join The Peanut Butter Challenge And Help Spread The Hope

Peanut Butter Challenge

Now through November 21, you can support Florida’s peanut producers and people in need in your community by generously donating to the Peanut Butter Challenge. All peanut butter donations go to local Northeast Florida food banks to help feed families in need.

Chocolate Day Books That Will Help Satisfy Your Chocolate Craving

Chocolate Day Booklist

Attention all chocoholics! Today is your day! To help satisfy your chocolate craving and the new urge to cook from home, we've put together a delicious booklist that contains something for everyone - from fiction to the history of chocolate, and of course, some recipes that will make your mouth water. Once you are done baking, sit back, enjoy your chocolate and read some chocolate-themed fiction (choco-fic?). Turns out chocolate lovers, it is not just your day today, it's your year!

So You Think You Can Tech: Microsoft 365

So You Think You Can Tech: Microsoft 365

Are you getting the most bang for your buck with Microsoft 365? Do you understand the full capacity of the free version or do you want to know more about what you get with a subscription?

Kids' Books About Voting and Elections

Kids' Books About Voting and Elections

Is everyone allowed to vote? How did elections begin? What is the electoral college? Explaining all of this to children can be tricky! These books will help introduce your children to the intricacies of our electoral process in terms they can understand and get them ready to vote when it's their turn!

Celebrating National Friends of Libraries Week

National Friends of Libraries Week

We want to give our Friends of the Jacksonville Public Library a big shout out for all they do to make a difference for us every single day. Learn more about our Friends or become a member today!

So You Think You Can Tech: Best Computer

Tech Tuesday at the Jacksonville Public Library

Looking for your perfect computer so that you can keep on Zooming and more? Check out these three computer categories that will get you on your way to the best resolution at the price that you can afford.

Vote at the Library 2020

voting at the library graphic
You want to vote in this year’s election, but you don’t want to be stuck in a big crowd on election day, right? There are 13 library locations where you can vote or drop your ballot off early between Monday, October 19 and Sunday, November 1. Visit the Duval County Supervisor of Elections website for locations and times.

Lit Chat: Online Author Talk With Elizabeth Randall

Lit Chat Women in White with Elizabeth Randall at Jacksonville Public Library

Does your interest in ghosts and spirits reappear this time of year? If so, then this Lit Chat is for you. Elizabeth Randall discusses her book Women in White: The Haunting of Northeast Florida on October 21, at 1 p.m. Hear about 29 tales from four northeastern Florida counties dominated by the wispy trails of strange female spirits known as ghostly “women in white.”


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