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Programming Policy

Public Programming Policy

Policy Revision: January 21, 2021

Policy Adoption: June 18, 2020


This Programming Policy, approved by the Board of Library Trustees (BOLT) of the Jacksonville Public Library (Library), establishes the standard for the selection and development of all programs presented by and on the behalf of the Jacksonville Public Library, and which support the Library's mission to “enrich lives, build community, and foster success by bringing people, information, and ideas together”.

The presentation of a program by or on behalf of the Library does not constitute BOLT or Library endorsement of the program’s content or the views expressed by any presenter(s) or participants.

The Library recognizes that some programs may be controversial and that any given program may offend some customers. As with other Library provided services, minors’ access to programs is the responsibility of their parents or legal guardians.

#Program Definition and Standards

The Jacksonville Public Library defines a program as an intentional activity or event in a group setting developed to meet the needs and/or interests of an anticipated target audience and build relationships between participants and the Library. Programs will be designed and delivered to meet all of the following quality standards:

  • Outstanding customer experience;
  • Library collections and resources;
  • Active, developmentally appropriate, and culturally sensitive learning opportunities;
  • Research-based, clear outcomes and

Programs will include, but will not be limited to, lectures, community forums, visual and performance art, interactive workshops, continuing education, fairs and conventions, and discussion groups.

#Programming Objective

The Library provides engaging programs to meet the informational, educational, and cultural interests of Duval County residents. Library programs will be designed and delivered to provide enjoyable learning experiences that meet at least one of the following outcomes:

  • Participant gains awareness of the Library’s resources and services;
  • Participant gains new knowledge;
  • Participant develops a skill; or
  • Participant gains exposure to new ideas and/or diverse viewpoints.


The Library is committed to providing inclusive and welcoming programming for the community it serves. Library programs are open to all and there is no charge to attend, however, the Library may require advanced registration to ensure that adequate supplies and resources will be available for all attendees.  Additionally, the Library reserves the right to limit attendance based on considerations of the program, such as age of intended audience; resource, supply or space limitations; or status as a cardholder.

All programs may be live-streamed or recorded for later playback, either in person or via web-enabled technologies unless otherwise explicitly agreed to in writing by an external presenter and the Library.

Pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act, accommodations for persons with disabilities will be made in accordance with applicable federal, state and local laws, policies, guidelines, directives and procedures.


Ultimate responsibility for the selection of all library programs rests with the Library Director, who administers programs under the authority of the BOLT.

Programs developed and delivered by and for the Library will meet strategic priorities and service quality standards established by the BOLT, and will have a written plan that clearly defines goals, intended audiences, descriptions, outcomes, and objectives. Selection decisions on program topics, presenters, and resources will be based in part or entirely on the following:

  • Safety and security of customers and staff
  • Community needs and interests
  • Supplement and extend information found in Library’s collections, resources, and exhibits
  • Promotion of the Library and encouragement of the use of its resources
  • Presentation quality
  • Presenter background and qualifications in content area
  • Historical, cultural, or educational significance
  • Age appropriate content
  • Availability of program space
  • Budget

The Library will not provide:

  1. Programs of a purely commercial nature or those designed for the solicitation of business for third parties;
  2. Programs that specifically support or oppose any political party, candidate, or ballot measure; or
  3. Programs that support or oppose a specific religion. Programs may address religious themes to educate or inform, but will not promote or proselytize a particular religious conviction.

#External Presenters

The Library draws upon local and national expertise to assist in program delivery. Professional performers and presenters with specialized or unique expertise may be hired to assist in program design and/or delivery.

The Library will require all onsite presenters (paid or unpaid) to pass a background screening.

The Library may approve the sale of materials as part of a Library-presented program, when the sale is in support of the Library’s programming objectives, the Library’s mission or financially supports the Library.

#Reconsideration of Library Programs

The Library welcomes and encourages expression of customer opinions about its programs, as this information can help identify gaps in offerings.  Program-related decisions relating to the addition to and deletion from the Library’s catalog of services or program schedule will not be made solely based on customer feedback, but will be considered along with other relevant information gathered about the program and outlined in this policy.

Customers who wish to have a program reconsidered shall place the request in writing by completing, signing and submitting a Request for Program Reconsideration Form.

The Request for Program Reconsideration will be reviewed by the Library Director per Library procedure, after which, the Library Director will communicate the result and the reason for it, in writing, to the customer who initiated the request.

In the event that the customer who initiated the request is not satisfied with the decision, the customer may present a written appeal of the Library Director’s decision to the BOLT, which may authorize the Governance Committee to handle the appeal. Upon completing its review, the BOLT will authorize the Library Director to communicate in writing the BOLT’s decision and the reason for it. The Library is not obligated to approve any request for reconsideration.

The Board of Library Trustees authorizes the Library Director to establish procedures to administer this policy, and to delegate any and all responsibilities herein to other staff through such procedures.


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