Marketing Your Book to Jacksonville Public Library

For Local Authors and Small Presses

Jacksonville Public Library will consider materials (books, music CDs and DVDs) that are written and/or published locally for addition to the collection. As a public library we select books whose content is written for the general reader rather than for the specialist or practitioner.  Music CDs and DVDs are selected for the same general audience.

Of the many books and other materials published each year, Jacksonville Public Library is only able to add a small percentage due to physical space, technology requirements for digital materials and budgetary constraints. Selection criteria is listed in the Library policies regarding the collection and are carefully applied to ensure that the collection is as pertinent and responsive as possible.

The primary criteria for selection are public demand and interest; critical reviews; presentation and readability; the author’s or artist’s reputation and significance; reputation and standing of the publisher; availability of the information or material elsewhere; local or national significance of the author, artist or topic, and compatibility of the e-material with our digital platforms or quality of the physical format.

The library also makes available the Indie Author Project platform where authors can submit electronic versions of their works that will be reviewed and considered for inclusion in the Indie Florida electronic collection and also reviewed and considered by Library Journal for inclusion in a national Indie Author Project Select collection.

JPL does not collect textbooks, books that are designed to be filled out by the reader or to have pages torn out, or books with removable parts other than compact discs or DVDs. Books need to be sturdily bound, preferably sewn or glued; spiral or comb bindings do not stand up well to heavy library use.

The best way to bring your book, CD or DVD to our attention is through reviews in recognized publications. A positive review in one or more of the library review journals or a local newspaper will give your item an excellent chance of being considered by JPL (and other public libraries as well). Journals include, for example, Library JournalSchool Library Journal (for children's materials), BooklistKirkus Reviews and Publisher's Weekly. Newspapers include the Florida Times-Union Sunday book review section.

The next best method is a flier mailed to the Jacksonville Public Library, Collection Development, 3435 University Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32277 or sent to  If you would like to be notified of our decision please include your request in your letter or email.

Libraries generally have a very limited amount of time to review a flier, so your best bet is to emphasize the essentials. We look for:

  • WHAT the book, CD or DVD is about. This should be brief and to the point.
  • WHY the item is needed at JPL. Here you should include quotations from reviews or testimonials if you have them. If the item has been reviewed you could also attach a copy of the review.
  • WHO the intended audience is for the material. Is it intended for adults, young adults or children? Parents, business persons, hobbyists, etc?
  • WHO the author or artist is. This should include qualifications, such as education, experience in the field and experience as a writer or artist. Be sure to mention that you are a local author, artist or publisher, since this is a factor in our decision whether to buy.
  • WHEN and WHERE the item was published. We need all the bibliographic data, including date of publication, price, ISBN number (very important), and type of binding. If the book is self-published, please give some indication of its physical appearance, including how it is bound and if it is e-material, music CD or DVD, please indicate the format or platform with which it is compatible.
  • HOW we can get it. Libraries prefer to buy from wholesale vendors such as Ingram or Baker and Taylor.
  • If the item is only available directly from you, be sure to provide a phone number, address, and e-mail address. We will contact you if we are interested in purchasing to get further information that we will need to begin the purchasing process. Be prepared to register as a vendor with the City of Jacksonville, accept a purchase order and wait 1-2 months for payment.

Drop-in visits to promote your material cannot be accommodated.

If you send a sample copy of your book, CD or DVD for consideration, it will be deemed a donation. It will be considered for addition to the collection based on our selection criteria and may or may not be added. If the item is not added to the collection it will be given to the Friends of the Jacksonville Public Library for sale in an upcoming book sale. 

A sample book, CD or DVD dropped off at any of our branches is forwarded to the Collection Development Department through interoffice delivery.

Please see our Library policies regarding donations for further information:

For information on how to submit a book for a review:

50 East Huron St. 
Chicago, IL 60611 

Library Journal 
Book Review Editor
123 William St., Suite 802
New York, NY 10038 

Publisher's Weekly
71 West 23 St. #1608
New York, NY 10010 

School Library Journal
SLJ Book Review
160 Varick St., 11th Floor
New York, NY 10013

Kirkus Reviews
See guidelines and addresses at:

The Florida Times-Union
Brandy Allport, Books Editor
One Riverside Ave. 
Jacksonville, FL 32202 
Indicate “Local Author”

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