Using the Library's Mobile Website and Catalog

Friday, December 8, 2023

Using the Library's Mobile Website

If you're like most people, you use your phone or mobile device to connect to the world. The Library's website and catalog are completely mobile-responsive, so getting to all the library products and services you love is as easy as tapping on your screen.

Whether you're familiar with the Library's app (currently out of service1), or if you're just learning about how the catalog and website work, here are tips to complete the most common tasks you'll do.

#Add the Website to Your Home Screen

To quickly access the library's website and catalog, you'll want to add the website as an icon to your home screen. 

#For iPhone users

1. Open the Safari browser on your phone, type in the search bar and click the "Go"

safari browser on iphone with in address bar

2. click the "share" icon on the screen (looks like a box with an up arrow in the middle of it)

library home page on iphone with share icon in center of bottom of screen

3. Scroll down and click Add to Home Screen + 

share menu on iphone Safari browser with Add to Home Screen about half way down the page

4. Give the shortcut a name (e.g., Library), and then click "Add" to add it to your home screen.

Add to Home Screen page on iPhone with Add link in the upper right of the screen

#For Android device users

1. Launch the Google Chrome app, type in the search bar, and click the arrow in the lower right corner of the keyboard

library home page on Google Chrome on Android device

2. Click the three dots and click "Add to home screen"

Add to Home Screen menu on Google Chrome on Android device

3. Give the shortcut a name (e.g., Library), click Add, and Chrome will add it to your Home Screen.

Add to Home Screen dialog box on Android Device with Add in the center right of the screen

#Search the Catalog

When you go to the Library's website, you'll see a search box near the top of the screen, and it's already set to search the catalog. Type a title, author, or keyword for the book, digital book, or other content you're looking for and click "Search". 

#Borrow items

When you find something you're ready to borrow, click the three dots in the upper right of the listing in the catalog. The menu will include different options depending on the type of content you're looking to borrow.

#Hold items

For physical items (books, DVDs, CDs, etc.) located in a library, the "Hold" option will ask you where you want to pick up the item. You'll receive an email notification telling you when your item is ready for you to pick up. 

For digital items from Overdrive, "Hold" will add the item to your hold queue. You can find the items you have on hold through Overdrive in the "Libby" app.

#Download items

For digital items from Hoopla, the "Download" button will take you out to the Hoopla app where you can immediately use the material. 

#Other Items Available through the Mobile Web

The Mobile Web catalog includes courses from LinkedIn Learning and streaming video from Kanopy. You'll see a "Start Course" option for LinkedIn Learning courses that will take you to the LinkedIn Learning website and you can start playing your course right away. For Kanopy, click the Stream Now button and you'll be taken to the Kanopy site where you can watch your movie or video.

#My Account - Current Checkouts, Holds, and More

One of the top things people like you like to do is see what they have checked out and what's on their hold list. In My Account, you can do that and much more. 

In the mobile website, click on the hamburger Menu (≡) and click "My Account." Once you log in with your library card, you'll find checkouts (organized by digital and physical checkouts), holds, events, and room reservations. There are also several useful links to help you use the things you need to complete your library visit.

#Forthcoming Books

One more feature that you may be familiar with in the app is the list of forthcoming books. This is on the mobile web, too! When you go to the page on your mobile device, click the photo under the "Library Catalog" heading and you'll see what's new and hot on NYT bestseller lists, what's new in the library, what's popular, and more. You'll even find links to services like interlibrary loan, suggesting a purchase for the library's collection, and mobile printing. 

#Curbside Pickup

Even though the mobile web doesn't have a curbside "Click and Collect" feature, curbside pickup is available at many locations. Click here for a quick 1-2-3 on how curbside works.


If you have questions about using the Library's mobile website or catalog, click here to reach someone who can help. 

Thank you for being a loyal Jacksonville Public Library customer. Happy library-ing!



1 Due to issues between our library database provider and the third party organization that provides the mobile app, the Jax Library app is offline, as are the apps of many other library systems around the globe. We are working to find a solution. In the meantime we ask that customers use the mobile-responsive Library website to access the catalog and other library services.


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