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Jax Stacks Reading Challenge: January

Jax Stacks Reading Challenge

Hi Jax Stacks readers! Welcome to the first-ever year-round Jacksonville Public Library Reading Challenge! The two themes we have this month are "A Book Written By A Jacksonville Author" and "A Book Read By A Library Book Club in 2022".

Jax Stacks Reading Challenge: March

Jax Stacks Reading Challenge

This month, we’re looking at Current Events, with a healthy consideration of many poignant issues of the past 3-4 years as our “current” timeline.

Jax Stacks Reading Challenge: April

Jax Stacks Reading Challenge

April brings us another two-theme month, with "A book in a different format than you usually read" and "A book in a genre you don’t usually read". Check out both of these lists below for ideas for your book selections! Be sure to put some books on hold and stop by your local library branch to pick them up along with your Jax Stacks Reaching Challenge bookmark, if you don’t have one already.

Jax Stacks May: Reading Challenge Around The World

This month's Jax Stacks reading challenge features international bestsellers and books written by authors around the world. Join our in-person book clubs to discuss these books and get more book recommendations!

Jax Stacks June: Books You've Been Meaning to Read Challenge

Jax Stacks Reading Challenge

Our Jax Stacks Reading Challenge for June will have you FINALLY getting around to that book you've been meaning to read for months, years, or even decades! We’ve asked around for some books that our library staff have been intending to get around to, but this category is only limited by your own preferences, so go ahead and read that book you’ve been putting off!

Jax Stacks September Reading Challenge: Read About Other Cultures

Jax Stacks Reading Challenge

It’s time to escape from your bubble and take a reading challenge about a culture other than your own. We’ll even give you bonus points if it’s a culture you know nothing about! We’ve got book recommendations about all sorts of people from all sorts of places to get you started.


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