Jax Stacks Reading Challenge October: First Book in a Series + A Book for Teens

Hi Jax Stacks readers! This month we highlight two of our challenge categories: “The first book in a series” and “A book written for teens”. Read on for great suggestions from our experts!

#The first book in a series

Do you enjoy getting hooked on a good series? Are you waiting for the next installment by your favorite author and need something else to entertain you while you wait? Try one of our picks and get started on a new series, or pick another series starter at your library! If you find a great one, share it with us on our Facebook group!



#A book written for teens

More and more adults are reading teen books as there are some amazing stories aimed at those who are coming into adulthood. The titles below are from a diverse cast of authors and cover a range of topics. As we are only able to list a tiny fraction of terrific teen books, jump over to our Facebook group to share your favorite Teen Books as well as what you chose to read for this category.


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