Jax Stacks July: Adapted Books + Author-Read Audiobooks Reading Challenge

Hi Jax Stacks readers! This month we highlight two of our challenge categories: “A book adapted to or from a TV show, film, or video game” and “An audiobook read by the author”. Read on for great suggestions from our experts!

#A book adapted to or from a TV show, film, or video game

Who hasn’t heard the phrase – “Which was better – the book or the movie?” But did you know there is another one? “Which came first, the book or the movie?” Yes, some books came after the movie or tv show and are considered novelizations. The titles below are a mix of the two. Some were turned into movies or tv shows and some were written afterwards. As we are only able to list a few of these cross-overs, jump over to our Facebook group to share your favorite adaptations as well as what you chose to read for this category.


#Audiobooks Read by the Author

Check out this list of authors that went from behind a typewriter to in front of a microphone. We’ve got recommendations for well-known authors, comedians, and a Nobel Laureate. Check them out below! And if you have more suggestions for us, check out our Facebook group and let us know what books you’re reading for this category!


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