Teen Think Tank: National Adopt a Cat Month

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Did you know that June is National Adopt a Cat Month? The National Adopt a Cat Month was formed by American Humane 45 years ago in order to encourage people to stop buying cats and, instead, adopt them from shelters. The month selected for the adoption drive was June, since a lot of cats tend to reproduce during this month — and, since a cat can birth up to seven kittens, it’s not a surprise that most of them often end up in animal shelters. Seeing how shelter cats are deprived of a loving environment, American Humane kickstarted this adoption month in the hopes of spreading awareness regarding the rescuing and adoption of cats.

Why should you adopt a cat? Because they are harmless and loving creatures who are easy to keep as pets and provide some of the best cuddles at night! You can prepare yourself for cat ownership using the resources below.

If you can't adopt a cat, you could celebrate by donating to local animal shelters so the cats living there have a better chance of a comfortable life. Shelters are always looking for donations of kitten milk replacement, kitten and cat food, cat litter, and of course, toys!

Stay safe and have a great week!

#READ: A Warrior's Choice by Erin Hunter

A Warrior's Choice Book Cover

Three untold stories about three cats of the warrior Clans include a ShadowClan leader's path to redemption, a ThunderClan cat forced to choose between her past and future, and a young warrior's choice to defy her leader for the good of all five Clans.


#LISTEN: PodcastNine Lives with Dr. Kat

Nine Lives Podcast

You've heard all the cat myths. Do cats have nine lives? You have watched your cat do quirky things. Why does your cat follow you to the bathroom? We live with these tiny predators, yet we do not truly know them. What do they really need to eat? How do their minds work? Cats are still an enigma. How do you keep your cat fit and healthy? If it is related to cats, I will relate it to you! Together we will explore all aspects of the “cat-o-sphere” and learn everything we can about cats from all kinds of cats-perts and me, Dr. Kat! Let’s laugh and learn and make cat lives better together on Nine Lives with Dr. Kat.

#EXPLORE: Visit a cat café! Authenticflorida.com has assembled a list of 11 "Purr-Fect" Cat Cafes in Florida.

Cat in a mug

Photo Credit: The Caffeinated Cat

If you’re looking to cuddle and pet some adorable cats while sipping on a coffee, look no further than The Caffeinated Cat! Jacksonville’s first and only Cat Café is located in Jacksonville Beach!

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