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In a hurry? Can't get to the library? Jacksonville Public Library has a variety of digital content, all accessible from the comfort of your home through your computer, television or smart device. And if you have a library card, you already have access. For free!

Don't have a library card? It takes just two minutes to apply for a library card online and to receive your library card number by email. You can start downloading and streaming almost instantly!

Kanopy's Fright Fest

Kanopy's Fright Fest

Horror movie buffs: Are you looking for a good scare? ‘Tis the season for screaming! Or was that streaming?

Kanopy’s Fright Fest! has some of the most bone-chilling characters and memorable monsters to ever appear on screen. This thrilling collection is sure to provide plenty fiendish surprises and all of the heart-pounding moments any true fan of the genre craves.

11 Films to Watch for Black History Month (and After)

11 Films to Watch During Black History Month on Kanopy

For Black History Month 2021, Kanopy has featured "11 Films to Watch." These included important films like Oscar-winner Moonlight, The Last Black Man in San Francisco, Maya Angelou: And Still I Rise, and Oscar-nominated documentary I Am Not Your Negro. Black history shouldn't be confined to just one month. So, even if you're starting late or you missed the celebration entirely, rest easy. There's really no deadline on this list. They are, however, a great addition to #theblackfriendchallenge and any other self-education you may be doing on anti-racism and social justice.

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