Books like Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris

Books to read if you like Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris

Whether you’re a Francophile, a fashionista or just a fan of heartwarmingly good stories: Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris has a little something for everyone. This newest movie is the third adaptation of the beloved 1958 novel by Paul Gallico. It follows Ada Harris, a humble but determined housekeeper, whose one wish is to wear a couture Christian Dior dress of her very own. It's this seemingly impossible dream which takes her on an extraordinary, life-changing adventure.

I Can Read Anything

Readers at this stage are able to select their own materials and read independently. They have successfully moved from “learning to read” to “reading to learn.” This newfound confidence allows them to use a variety of informational texts to learn more about the world around them and to discover unfamiliar vocabulary.

I Am Reading On My Own

Readers at this stage are able to read simple, familiar stories with increasing speed and accuracy. They use their large sight vocabulary and phonics skills to figure out new words or fill in the blank using context clues. Reading is more automatic; their energy more devoted to comprehension than sounding out.

I Am Learning to Read

Children at this stage have learned that letters connect to sounds. As their command of the alphabet grows, they will be able to “sound out” new and phonetically regular words. Additionally, they will be able to read a significant number of words on sight and comprehend more of what they read.

Before I Can Read

Children at this stage understand that writing conveys a message. They can - over time - retell a story when looking at pages of a favorite book, name letters of alphabet, recognize some signs, and perhaps print their own name. They acquire new skills by being read to.

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