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#Have old documents saved to Floppy Disk or CD?

Have old resumes or manuscripts you haven’t been able to access in years? Every computer in the Memory Lab has a CD/DVD drive. Plus, a Bytecc BT-144 Floppy Disk Drive is available (upon request) and can connect to any digitization station with a computer.

#Scanning hard copies, books and oversized materials

The Bookeye 5 V2Overhead Book Scanner allows you to scan materials up to 24” x 18.5”, in bulk and at high speeds. With its laser-assisted camera, the Bookeye will also flatten and automatically de-skew images and text – even if you’re not able to lay the material completely flat. It also removes those pesky shadows! You can scan at 180 degrees (flat) or at a gentle 120 degrees (to cradle and protect the book spines). It scans at a resolution of 400 dpi, suitable for high quality printing.

#What can I use the Overhead Book Scanner for?

Book Eye scanner for scanning books and oversized materials
Bookeye 5 V2 Overhead Book Scanner

  • Scan large maps, oversized books and accounting ledgers
  • Preserve old newspapers, magazines and other periodicals
  • Convert scrapbooks to a digital format for sharing online
  • Scan delicate or oversized artwork for high-quality prints or online galleries
  • Create digital copies of your self-published zines and comics
  • Digitize bound and stapled documents like contracts

#Plan ahead:

  • Bring a flash drive of at least 8GB to save files. Files can also be saved to Cloud storage such as Google Photos. The Bookeye 5 is also connected to the public printer.

#Saving your work:

You can save your scans as a single or multipage PDF, searchable PDFs and audio files (for accessibility) as well as a variety of image formats like TIFF, JPEG, JPEG 2000, PNM, PNG, BMP and TIFF (Raw, G3, G4, LZW, JPEG). Think about how you will use or share the file. You may want to save it in multiple formats.

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Reel to reel machine for digitizing media

Do you have boxes of old photographs in storage? Home movies on VHS or film? Mixed tapes on cassette or favorite records? Have you ever wanted to convert them to an easily stored and sharable digital format?

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