Mia Brack

Staff Picks Genre Study - Graphic Memoirs

Staff Picks Genre Study book list graphic

I get so excited when I see a new graphic memoir on the browse shelf. Graphic memoirs are little slices of life told in comic book form. They allow you a dynamic opportunity to gain understanding about a particular time in a person’s life, while providing context for the author’s experience.

Staff Picks Genre Study - Teen Mystery

Staff Picks Genre Study book list graphic

The weather is getting cooler, everyone is thinking about mysterious happenings. What better time of the year than now to cuddle up with a twisty mystery! If you haven’t tried one before, teen mysteries offer not only the excitement of a who done it; but also, a dash of drama and maybe some light romance. This is the season to lock the doors, put on your thinking cap, and untangle mysteries that come with a side of fun. Keep reading for a plethora of titles that will spark your inner YA detective and keep you guessing until the end!

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