Little Learners: Sharks

It's week seven of Summer Reading! Are you ready for shark week? Prepare your chompers for some underwater fun. Don’t forget to visit the library for a bookmark to track your summer reading and earn prizes!

READ: How To Spy On A Shark by Lori Haskins Houran

How to Spy on a Shark Book Cover

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Spend a day at sea tracking sharks- with the help of a robot! Join a team of marine biologists as they head out in their boat to study mako sharks. Simple, entertaining text and bright, accurate illustrations bring science and technology to life, and additional pages of facts about sharks follow the story. This book is bound to make a splash with young minds! 

Increase pre-literacy skills as you read together: 

  • As you read with your little one, ask them questions about what is happening. For example, why do they think the marine biologists are doing that? What do they think will happen next? Let them take their time answering.  
  • Expand on your little one’s answers by explaining what is happening in the book.  
  • Define words your child might not know. For example, a mako pup is a baby mako shark.  
  • If your little one has questions about the book, flip to the back page and read some of the additional information! 


SING: Six Little Fish 

(Tune: The Wheels on the Bus) 

One little fish goes ‘round and ‘round; 

‘round and ‘round; ‘round and ‘round. 

One little fish goes ‘round and ‘round, 

All through the sea! 


Two little fish go zoom, zoom, zoom; 

zoom, zoom, zoom; zoom, zoom, zoom; 

Two little fish go zoom, zoom, zoom; 

All through the sea! 


Three little fish go wiggle, wiggle, wiggle; 

wiggle, wiggle, wiggle; wiggle, wiggle, wiggle. 

Three little fish go wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, 

All through the sea! 


Four little fish go jump, jump, jump; 

jump, jump, jump; jump, jump, jump. 

Four little fish go jump, jump, jump, 

All through the sea! 


Five little fish goes swish, swish, swish; 

swish, swish, swish; swish, swish, swish. 

Five little fish goes swish, swish, swish, 

All through the sea! 


Six little fish go fast, fast, fast; 

fast, fast, fast; fast, fast, fast; 

Six little fish go fast, fast, fast; 

All through the sea! 


One giant shark goes chomp, chomp, chomp; 

chomp, chomp, chomp; chomp, chomp, chomp. 

One giant shark goes chomp, chomp, chomp, 

All through the sea! 

EXPLORE: Underwater Crayon Resist

Crayon Shark Drawing


  • Crayons
  • Thick white paper or cardstock
  • Watercolor paints (or watered down tempera paint)
  • Wide paintbrushes
  • Old newspapers


  1. Start by placing several layers of old newspaper under a sheet of thick white paper or cardstock to catch any liquid paint that runs off the page. 
  2. Then use the crayons to draw a shark on the white paper. Encourage your little one to draw their shark however they would like. 
  3. When they have completed their shark, bring out watercolor paints (or tempera paint that has been watered down).
  4. Use the brushes to spread the paint over the paper and create an underwater world. 
  5. Watch as the wax from the crayons resists the wet paint and allows you to still see the shark! 

To learn more art techniques like this one, check out First Art for Toddlers and Twos: Open-ended Art Experiences.

First Art Book Cover

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KEEP READING: There's more shark fun where that came from! Chomp along to these toothy reads.


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