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So You Think You Can Tech: To Pie or Not To Pie (Chart)

Have you ever seen an Excel chart someone else has made and thought to yourself, “Wow, that looks great. They must have spent a lot of time and effort in creating that...” Even if charts don’t exactly thrill you, putting together a budget snapshot can help you to manage things like holiday spending and Black Friday shopping. You don’t have to stop there, though! Maybe you need to create a household budget or you might want to figure out the monthly revenue for your small business from this past year... Guess what? You can do the same fancy things with your data that you’ve seen other people doing – and you can do it with a few button clicks.

How Local Author Stacey Horan Uses the Library to Write Books That Get On The Shelves

Guest Blogger Stacey Horan

Our next featured author for NaNoWriMo is local author Stacey Horan. Stacey is no stranger to the Jacksonville Public Library; she has held many writers' workshops at various library branches, has attended Jax Book Fest for the past three years and has been a guest on our podcast, Completely Booked. Today she joins us as part of our NaNoWriMo series talking about how she uses the library to help her write her books.

Thanksgiving Picture Books For Kids

Thanksgiving Picture Books

Start some new traditions this Thanksgiving and read some great books on sharing, gratitude, family, the first Thanksgiving, and, of course, turkeys! These books are all about what make Thanksgiving one of the biggest family and community celebrations of the year. Some books you can download instantly. Others you can place on hold and have it sent to your local library for pick up.

So You Think You Can Tech: Downloads at the Library

Tech Tuesday

So you’ve navigated the Library catalog, searched its many tomes, and found your next great adventure. Joyous day! Only now you’re seeing half a dozen entries for the same book… Why does one title need so many entries? Some of them mention eBooks, others are eAudiobooks, and then there are just… books. Why is this so complicated? And what the heck is a Hoopla?! Well friends, if you have questions then you’ve come to the right place. Let’s journey through “Downloads at the Library.” It’s a whole new world to explore! And what reader doesn’t like adventure?

Join Us For Friendsgiving: A Virtual Thanksgiving Celebration

Friendsgiving With Jacksonville Public Library

The countdown to Turkey Day has officially begun! Traditionally this time of year many of us are busy prepping our Thanksgiving meal, making travel plans to visit extended family, and reminding grandma to make our FAVORITE kind of pie. Due to COVID-19, Thanksgiving 2020 is going to look and feel different than years before BUT this doesn't mean we can't have any family-friendly fun!

So You Think You Can Tech: Filling Out & Signing PDFs

Tech Tuesday

Got some important paperwork via email you need to fill out and return? Whether it’s “fillable” or just a plain PDF, learn how to quickly and easily download, fill out, sign, and save that file so you can send or submit it online in a flash.

Pick Up One of These Picture Books This November

Picture Book Month

In libraries, classrooms, family rooms, and at bedtime around the world, every day print picture books take children on incredible journeys of discovery and bring people together. Whether it’s a new or beloved story, children begin to associate words with meaning and are introduced to beautiful artwork that they can hold in their lap. Picture Book Month is an international literacy initiative that celebrates the print picture book and its importance during the month of November.


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