Writer's Lab: Music Fanzine Workshop with Daryl Gussin

Tuesday, July 2, 2024

Writer's Lab: Music Fanzine Workshop with Daryl Gussin

#Make Your Own Music Fanzine

Are you a big music fan? Do you go to concerts, join fan groups, and actively seek out other fans (in person or online) to geek out with about your favorite lyrics? Have you ever considered making your own fanzine? In this workshop, you'll tackle "fandom" as a creative avenue and learn how to build community through collaborative projects.

Instructor Daryl Gussin will offer a historical and personal background on the medium and then guide participants through the hands-on process of zine-making. You'll walk away with your own music fanzine as well as copies of fanzines from other attendees.

This program is sponsored by the Friends of the Willowbranch Library.


Make your own fanzine with us at the Writer's Lab: Music Fanzine Workshop on Saturday, July 20 from 10:30 a.m. - 12 p.m. at the Willow Branch Library. Supplies and materials for zine-making will be provided (but feel free to bring your own).

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Daryl Gussin is a writer and musician who has been awkwardly standing around at punk shows for the last twenty-something years. Thankfully at some point in his late teens, he decided to become a little more productive and has been working on zines, setting up shows, and playing in bands consecutively since then. In 2006, he became integrally involved in the Razorcake fanzine where he is currently the managing editor. His writing revolves around the honest, bittersweet, and ultimately triumphant aspects of counterculture and its flavorful inhabitants. The heartbreaks, the implosions, and the defiant victories. Community over commercialism, create and destroy.


Websites that offer services that have helped him with his zines:

  • rubberstampchamp.com
  • bestvaluecopy.com
  • mixam.com


Lit Chat with Daryl Gussin

Stick around (or come back after lunch) and get to know Daryl Gussin and his work a little more at a Lit Chat Interview on Saturday, July 20, at 2 p.m. at the Willow Branch Library. If you can't attend in person, the interview will also be livestreamed (simultaneously) via Zoom.

He will be in conversation with Lindsay Anderson, a prolific zine maker and self-publisher based in Jacksonville, FL. Since 2013, Lindsay has developed a long-running zine project, she has helped to organize the annual Duval Comic and Zine Fest (DCAZ) and recently launched a new quarterly zine Mischief on the River. 

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