Writer's Lab 2024

Writer's Lab with Cartoonist & Zinester Thony Aiuppy at DCAZ Fest

Writer's Lab: Formatting Your Work for Print with Thony Aiuppy

Whether you hand-make every book or create your work digitally, you will get information, tutorials, and resources that will help you organize and format your project for print at our next free Writer's Lab workshop. Thony Aiuppy will teach you some of the tips, tricks, and formatting hacks he has learned over the last decade of making zines, comics, and graphic novels.

Launch & Grow Your Substack: A Writer's Lab with Hurley Winkler

Launch and grow your Substack. Writer's Lab workshop with Hurley Winkler.

Are you looking to start an email newsletter for your readers, business, friends, or strangers? Learn about newsletter content strategies, the benefits of Substack over other social media platforms, and monetizing your newsletter. Writer's Lab: Launch and Grow Your Substack Newsletter with Hurley Winkler on Tuesday, May 21, from 6-7:30 p.m. at the Regency Square Library.

Poetry Month Programs and Reading Recommendations

Books to Read for National Poetry Month

April is National Poetry Month and we've got some great recommendations for you, including some books of poetry by local poets like Jessica Q. Stark! Whether you enjoy reading poetry or writing it yourself, we also have several programs and drop-in activities happening around the library system including a poetry program double-header (Lit Chat and Writer's Lab) at Willow Branch Library on Saturday, April 13!

Writer's Lab Workshop with Poet Anna Claire Hodge

Writer's Lab workshop with Anna Claire Hodge: There's No Place Like Poem

Learn how poets use vivid imagery, sensory details, and cultural references to transport readers to specific locations. In this interactive workshop, you'll delve into the profound connection between poetry and locale through a series of engaging activities and discussions. Participants will generate their own work, and discover how landscapes, cities, and personal surroundings can serve as powerful catalysts for creative expression.

Writer's Lab with Michael Regina: Play Your Story

Play Your Story: Writer's Lab workshop with Michael Regina

For many, learning to write and outline your story can be a daunting task. But what if it could be a game? Embark on a unique storytelling journey as we discover the art of crafting compelling narratives using the unique power of various tabletop roleplaying games like Dungeons & Dragons. Whether you're a brand new writer or a pro, this workshop is designed to unlock your creative potential and guide you in using solo roleplaying as a tool to outline and write captivating stories.

Writer's Lab with Jessica Hatch: Not Your Mama's Romance Novels

Novelist Jessica Hatch will show you how to use (and subvert) the genre's most popular tropes, decide between "closed door" or spicier love scenes, get your Nora Ephron on by infusing humor into your romance, and write in a way that is authentically you - while still appealing to the market. Hatch is the author of two contemporary romance novels: My Big Fake Wedding and How to Keep a Husband for 10 Days.

Writer's Lab Workshop with bestselling author Jami Attenberg

Writer's Lab: Put Your Creativity First a workshop with Jami Attenberg. Includes a head shot of the author.

How do you best serve your creative processes? Where do you go for inspiration? How important is a writing community? And how can you carve out a life in this business of art? New York Times bestselling author Jami Attenberg will share ideas and perspectives for putting your creativity first at our next Writer's Lab workshop. Later that same day, she'll return for a Lit Chat Interview where she'll be in conversation with local author and interviewer, Nikesha Elise Wiliams.

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