Small Business HR: How to Find, Manage and Keep Staff

Tuesday, September 26, 2023

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Every year after Labor Day, the American Payroll Association (APA) hosts National Payroll Week to celebrate payroll professionals. But what comes first, the payroll professional or the staff? This month, we're taking a deeper look at hiring and managing. Been looking for resources to help you find, manage, and keep your staff? The Library has free on-demand video courses and plenty of books to help you and your small business grow.

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Courses We Recommend

Attracting, Hiring, and Working with Gen Z by Sophie Wade

Attracting, Hiring, and Working with Gen Z by Sophie Wade

Learn how to attract, hire, lead, and support Generation Z, the demographic following the millennials. The most digitally literate generation, Gen Z employees bring new perspectives. But you'll need a new approach to attract, onboard, lead, foster, and support them. Learn how to use empathy to understand and work with Gen Zers, best practices for attracting Gen Z candidates, and how to create a work environment where they feel safe and can be productive.

Diverse Talent in Recruiting and Hiring by Christie Lindor

Diverse Talent in Recruiting and Hiring by Christie Lindor

Learn how to successfully hire and onboard diverse candidates. Workplace diversity and inclusion is a key priority area for organizations large and small. Hiring managers need to be able to locate, hire, and onboard diverse candidates in order to succeed. This course is a guide that can help you develop a diversity hiring strategy, increase your candidate pool, and remove bias from your screening and interview process. 

Skills-First Interviewing by Shweta Mogha

Skills-First Interviewing by Shweta Mogha

Take a deep dive into the benefits and best practices of skills-first interviewing, in this approachable course designed specifically for HR leaders and hiring managers. Explore the differences between skills and competencies, hard skills and soft skills, best practices for DEI, and how to successfully conduct skills-first interviews within your organization. Along the way, Shweta offers tips on how to utilize the STAR method —situation, tasks, actions, and results—to avoid common mistakes and improve overall hiring outcomes.

The Superbosses Playbook by Sydney Finkelstein

The Superbosses Playbook by Sydney Finkelstein

What makes certain business leaders so effective at motivating and inspiring their teams? How do they promote their top talent? And how can you become a “superboss” like them? Professor Sydney Finkelstein, bestselling author of Superbosses and director of the Center for Leadership at the Dartmouth Tuck School of Business, reveals key lessons for managing like a pro. Find out what type of superboss you are. Understand how to be hands-on with your team without micromanaging. Plus, learn ways to level up your leadership style and bring your team, your company, and yourself to new heights of success. 

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What Drives Phenomenal Success? By Colleen Barrett

What Drives Phenomenal Success? By Colleen Barrett

Southwest Airlines started with a simple idea and managed to stick with it through decades of unprecedented growth. According to Colleen Barrett, customers return because they like the experience and they like the way they are treated. And how do you keep them satisfied? By keeping your employees satisfied. Barrett spends 70-80% of her time ensuring that her employees are valued as people, and encouraged to do the right thing rather than doing things right. Her guiding rule is to hire on attitude and then train for skills, seeking individuals who will take the business seriously, but not themselves.

Books We Recommend

How to Hire, Train, & Keep the Best Employees for your Small Business by Dianna Podmoroff

How to Hire, Train, & Keep the Best Employees for Your Small Business by Dianna Podmoroff

The business costs and impact of employee turnover can be grouped into four major categories: costs resulting from a person leaving, hiring costs, training costs and lost productivity costs. The estimated cost to replace an employee is at least 150 percent of the person's base salary. Managers must learn to hire, train, and keep employees highly motivated. Learn the fundamentals of sound hiring and how to identify high-performance candidates.

Hire with our Head by Lou Adler

Hire with our Head: Using Performance-Based Hiring to Build Outstanding Diverse Teams by Lou Adler

Influential recruiting and hiring expert, Lou Adler, delivers a practical guide to consistently identifying and hiring the best people and scaling that process throughout your company. This book will help you address your hiring and recruitment issues by making you more efficient and by reforming your process to align with how top talent actually looks for new jobs, compares offers, and selects opportunities.

The Alliance: Managing Talent in the Networked Age by Reid Hoffman, Ben Casnocha, and Chris Yeh

The Alliance: Managing Talent in the Networked Age by Reid Hoffman, Ben Casnocha, and Chris Yeh

The employer-employee relationship is broken, and managers face a seemingly impossible dilemma: the old model of guaranteed long-term employment no longer works in a business environment defined by continuous change, but neither does a system in which every employee acts like a free agent. The solution? Stop thinking of employees as either family or as free agents. Think of them instead as allies. 

Coauthored by the founder of LinkedIn, this bold but practical guide will give you the tools you need to recruit, manage, and retain the kind of employees who will make your company thrive in today’s world of constant innovation and fast-paced change.

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