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Monday, October 3, 2022

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#Help Your Community Make the Most of the Library 

Do you like working with people, leading meetings and communicating effectively? If you do, and you are passionate about reading and giving back to your community, you’d be a great candidate for the Board of Library Trustees (BOLT).

Lend your expertise and leadership skills to the Board of Library Trustees and help set the direction and ensure the future of library services here in Jacksonville!

The BOLT is made up of two trustees from each of the five “At-Large” districts plus two additional “At-Large” members. Right now, we’re looking for candidates who represent City Council At-Large Group 5 and City Council At-Large Group 3.

Ready to serve? Apply online!

If you’re not sure which district you live in, check out the Council Maps on the City’s website.

#What does the BOLT do?

The Board of Library Trustees sets policies, plans and governs the Jacksonville Public Library system. It is comprised of 12 voting members who establish policies and long-term goals for the library, oversee the general operation of the library, initiate and oversee the budget process, promote and advocate for the library in the community and hire and evaluate the library director.

Trustees are appointed by the mayor and confirmed by the city council to serve a four-year term (up to a total of two, consecutive four-year terms).

Ready to apply? Fill out the application form online.

#What will I do as a Library Trustee?

In addition to attending and participating in monthly meetings (the fourth Tuesday of each month), Library Trustees serve on committees (see more below), review and update library policies, participate in ongoing strategic planning and maintain a clear understanding of the library’s financial situation.    

A Trustee must also:

  • Assist in budget preparation and provide direction to library director
  • Represent the library at local budget hearings
  • Become informed about the services offered by the library and promotes these services to community
  • Support basic library tenets such as Intellectual Freedom, Freedom to Read, Confidentiality of Patron Records, Library Bill of Rights and the Public’s Right to Information (for more information, read the Library's Collection Development Policy)
  • Establish and maintain a relationship with local, state and federal elected officials
  • Be aware of local, state and federal library laws and issues (and take action when appropriate)
  • Maintain relationships with library support groups including the Friends of the Library groups and the Library Foundation
  • Participate in Library Legislative Day
  • Adhere to Sunshine State Laws and the City of Jacksonville’s Code of Ethics

Have questions? You can find more details in the Board of Library Trustees Bylaws.

#Who can apply?

Duval County residents who have shown an interest in and a commitment to providing the best possible library service for the community are encouraged to apply online now. Note: Preference will be given to candidates who demonstrate:

  1. Involvement in community organizations which serve the public,
  2. Knowledge of the political climate of the community and a proven ability to advocate for an organization such as the library, and
  3. A readiness to devote time and effort to the duties (outlined above).

#Committees (assigned by Board Chair)

The Governance Committee is the policy-making arm of the Board, responsible for identifying policy issues, reviewing policy options and implications and presenting those options to the full Board.

The Finance Committee reviews the financial position of the library system and makes regular reports and recommendations, including an annual operating budget.

The Capital Improvements Committee explores, recommends and pursues goals, methods, and contacts for advocacy of library-related capital projects and improvements.

The Personnel Committee is responsible for the selection and hiring of the Library Director.

The Nominating Committee’s sole responsibility is to prepare a slate of officers for presentation to the Board at the start of the new fiscal year.


For more information please reach out to the Clerk of the Board at 255-6084.

For current members of the Board of Library Trustees and their contact information, click here.

For all other volunteer opportunities, click here.

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