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So You Think You Can Tech: Basic Computer Troubleshooting – My Computer Won’t Turn On

Tech Tuesday with Jacksonville Public Library

It happens to all of us at one point or another. Maybe your computer starts slowing. Maybe the ‘W’ on your keyboard stops working. Maybe your printer won’t connect. Is it the WiFi Goblin messing you’re your machine? Have vaguely defined ‘hackers’ taken over your computer to launch satellites and spy on your credit?! Regardless of the issue, or its cause, you have probably looked at your computer, sighed, and started mentally shelling out for the hundred-dollar Geek Squad appointment. Did you know that isn’t necessary though? Did you know that many of your computer’s problems can be easily fixed?

So You Think You Can Tech: Viruses and Malware

Tech Tuesday with Jacksonville Public Library

#TechTuesday with E-Services

You hear about them all the time. Your favorite tv characters battle them while tense music enhances the drumbeat of fingers pounding on keys. They are Viruses and, if you were to believe some people, they are out to steal your cat (they aren’t by the way). What Viruses and their less spoken of cousins, Malware, ARE after is your personal information and to make your life difficult, sometimes in the pettiest of ways.

So You Think You Can Tech: Email vs Texting

Tech Tuesday with Jacksonville Public Library

#TechTuesday with E-Services

Communication is an amazing concept. It allows us to convey ideas, emotions, and, occasionally, cute pictures of kittens. Back before all the modern wonders we now take for granted we communicated by actually talking to people or writing them letters or walking up to family members and showing them books of cute kittens. These days though we use our devices. Instead of talking, we text. Instead of writing, we email. And instead of cute kittens…well they are still cute, that’s how they trick you. What can be even trickier is the differences between email and texting. Those differences can lead to generational issues, ones I hope to help ease today.

So You Think You Can Tech – The Address Bar

tech tuesday with e-services

Welcome back to another installment of So You Think You Can Tech. Before we get started, there's an important annoucement to make - E-Services will be offering virtual classes starting July 6th, including Job Searching Online, Creating Resumes with Templates, Creating a Budget, Email and the Cloud, and Web Design for Small Businesses and Side Hustles! Check back soon for more info. Now, back to So You Think You Can Tech. Last time we talked about internet browsers. Today I would like to expand on them a bit more by introducing you to the Address Bar. 


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