Fall Book Picks for Kids

Gobble Up Some Great Kids Books This Thanksgiving

Children's Books for Thanksgiving

The holiday season is here! For a lot of folks, that means family gatherings, time-honored traditions, and eating some really good food. if you have little ones, the holidays can also mean curious minds with lots of questions! So, whether you're looking for some fun Thanksgiving tales or just stories of thanks and giving to read with your children this month, we've got some great recommendations.

Fall Books For Kids To Celebrate Autumn

Fall Books for Kids at the Library

Fall is the perfect time to snuggle up with a mug of apple cider and a big stack of fall books! These children’s books about fall are perfect for learning about the changing of seasons and the cool, crisp days ahead. Although the leaves and weather may not be changing just yet, we can always dive into a good book to take us there. Take a peek at our autumn picks because the kids (and you!) are going to just fall in love with these books.

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