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Pick Up One of These Picture Books This November

Picture Book Month

In libraries, classrooms, family rooms, and at bedtime around the world, every day print picture books take children on incredible journeys of discovery and bring people together. Whether it’s a new or beloved story, children begin to associate words with meaning and are introduced to beautiful artwork that they can hold in their lap. Picture Book Month is an international literacy initiative that celebrates the print picture book and its importance during the month of November.

Books To Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month Graphic

September 15 through October 15 marks Hispanic Heritage Month, a celebration of the diverse and rich cultures and countless contributions the Hispanic and Latinx people give to the world. To honor the month ahead, we’ve pulled together a list of books that celebrate Hispanic culture. This book list features fiction and nonfiction books for both kids and adults that were written by and about Latinx and Hispanic authors and characters from all over the world. Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month by reading along with us!

Stranger Things Book List

Stranger Things Season 3 drops tomorrow on Netflix and although the show flows so much like a horror novel, the show is not based on a book.  That isn’t stopping us from recommending some great similarly-themed reads!  As fans get ready to travel back in time to Hawkins, Indiana for Stranger Things Season 3, which drops on Netflix tomorrow, here are twelve books to get back into the ‘80’s monster movie groove.


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