5.2.1 — Gifts to Members of the BOLT

Effective: February 20, 2020
Last Reviewed: January 13, 2023

  1. Purpose
  2. The purpose of this policy is to establish the guidelines and expectations for accepting gifts.

  3. Scope
  4. This policy applies to all members of the Board of Library Trustees (BOLT) and to any other person acting on his or her behalf.

  5. Policy
  6. No member of the BOLT, or any other person on his or her behalf, shall knowingly accept, directly or indirectly, any one gift with a value greater than $100, or an accumulation of gifts in any one calendar year that exceeds $250 dollars, from any person or business entity, when the gift is given as a result of the member’s official position, or as a result of the business relationship developed as a result of the member’s position on the BOLT. For purposes of the $250 annual accumulation of gifts, gifts of food and beverage not exceeding $25 on any given day shall not be included.

  7. Authorization to Define Procedures
  8. The BOLT authorizes the Library Director to establish procedures to administer this policy, and to delegate any and all responsibilities herein to other staff through such procedures.

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