Little Learners October 2022: Pumpkins

Vines twist and twirl, gourds grow in all different textures, colors, and shapes. Come explore the pumpkin patch with us! 

#READ: Bear Picks a Pumpkin by Katelyn VanKooten 

Bear picks a pumpkin book cover


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Bear Picks a Pumpkin is the perfect book to snuggle up with in the fall. The whimsical, rhyming text tells the story of Bear on a quest to find the perfect pumpkin. Will he choose a tall one? A tiny one? One with stripes? Or perhaps a pumpkin white as snow? Read along and find out which pumpkin Bear (and his friends) will choose!  

Increase pre-literacy skills as you read together: 

  • Ask your little one what they think the pumpkin Bear picks will look like and talk about the different colors of pumpkins they see. 
  • This book has plenty of rhymes, emphasize the rhyming words while Bear searches for the perfect pumpkin.
  • There are bugs and critters hiding throughout the pumpkin patch, search for and count them on your fingers. 

#SING: Five Little Pumpkins  


#EXPLORE: Pumpkin Sensory Exploration 

child holding pumpkin


  • Pumpkin
  • Material to protect work surface (such as newspaper or plastic tablecloth)
  • Knife or pumpkin carving kit
  • Optional: Ziplock bag


Adult Preparation - Prepare your exploration by laying out protection for your work surface, and cutting top off of pumpkin. 

Senses Exploration - Invite your little one to come explore the pumpkin using their senses.   

  • Sight: Allow your little one to look inside the pumpkin.
    • Ask - "What color is our pumpkin?"
  • Smell: Let your child smell inside of pumpkin.
    • Ask - "Does the pumpkin smell good?"
  • Sound: Drum on pumpkin and listen to the sounds it makes before and after removing guts and/or cutting top off.
    • Ask - "What does this sound like?"
  • Taste: Depending on age, your little one can explore taste by trying seasoned pumpkin seeds, helping make pumpkin based treats like bread or pie, tasting pumpkin baby food/puree while exploring pumpkin, or simply allow your little learner taste their hands after exploring inside of the pumpkin.
    • Ask - "Does pumpkin taste sweet?"
  • Touch: Feel outside of pumpkin, allow your child to feel inside of pumpkin. 
    • Optional: if your little one is sensitive to specific textures, you can put pumpkin guts and seeds inside of a plastic bag to create sensory bag so they can explore the texture without discomfort.
    • Ask - "What do you think the pumpkin guts will feel like?"

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