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New Exhibit at Jacksonville Public Library's Main Library: MOSH Neighborhoods

MOSH Neighborhoods Exhibit

The exhibit features a set of large, illustrated text panels mounted in custom “doorframes” that outline the historical development of Jacksonville’s many and varied neighborhoods, from early river communities to automobile-based suburbs. The exhibit underscores the importance of vibrant, healthy neighborhoods to the city’s identity and well-being. 

Is Your Tech Ready For Hurricane Season?

Tech Tuesday with e-services

How should I prepare my tech for a storm?  

First check all batteries and charge/replace any that need it before the storm. Make sure all devices are charged before the storm in case of power outage. Try not to use your tech except in case of emergency, and turn your tech off or put it in airplane mode when you’re not actively using it to preserve your battery life. 

Fire Up The Grill With 10 Sizzling Reads

National Grilling Month

July is National Grilling Month and every griller’s favorite time of year, so we’re celebrating with 10 books of delicious barbecue recipes! From marinated skewers of chicken, tofu or veggies, to thick cut steaks - pretty much everything tastes better after sizzling over a hot grill, even dessert! These books will take your barbie skills to the next level and most of them are available digitally so no need to worry about getting barbecue sauce on the pages.

Kapow! Happy Graphic Novels in Libraries Month 2020!

Graphic Novels Month

In case you need an excuse to read more graphic novels, July is National Graphic Novels in Libraries month! With thrilling sci-fi and fantasy, action-packed manga and hero-led humor, graphic novels are sure to captivate readers of all ages. Whether you're a graphic novels connoisseur, or just getting started, the library has great material waiting for you to check out. You can access tons of graphic novels on Hoopla when you create a free account using your Jacksonville Public Library card!  

Zoom – Here we go!

Tech Tuesday with Jacksonville Public Library

In the coming weeks Jacksonville Public Library will be offering online classes taught by the E-Services Department, and we’ll be using Zoom to show them. So, what is Zoom and how do I Zoom? We have some tips on Zooming that will help!

Show Your Pride: Celebrate Pride Month With Books And Virtual Events

Pride Month 2020

This month marks the 50th anniversary of Pride Month, but many celebrations are going to look different this year. The Jacksonville Public Library is celebrating their Pride Month programs with two virtual events, Rainbow Storytime: This Day in June and Read the Rainbow: Teen Book Club.  You can also find book lists that contain notable LGBTQ+ reads for all ages. Show your pride and celebrate Pride Month with Jacksonville Public Library!

Top 10 Food Trends And The Cookbooks To Make Them

Top 10 Food Trends and The Cookbooks To Use To Make Them

Here at Jacksonville Public Library we have thousands of cookbooks and many more available in digital form. To access a cookbook on your smartphone or tablet, you don’t even need to enter the library. Whether you’re a professional or a beginner, if you know what you want to cook and have a JPL library card, we can loan you a book that can help. 

So You Think You Can Tech – The Address Bar

tech tuesday with e-services

Welcome back to another installment of So You Think You Can Tech. Before we get started, there's an important annoucement to make - E-Services will be offering virtual classes starting July 6th, including Job Searching Online, Creating Resumes with Templates, Creating a Budget, Email and the Cloud, and Web Design for Small Businesses and Side Hustles! Check back soon for more info. Now, back to So You Think You Can Tech. Last time we talked about internet browsers. Today I would like to expand on them a bit more by introducing you to the Address Bar. 

Books for Father's Day

Booklist, Father's Day
Books for the Dad in your life! Some titles for father figures to enjoy on this Sunday’s holiday of great importance, Father’s Day! 


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