July is National Grilling Month


July is National Grilling Month and every griller’s favorite time of year, so we’re celebrating with 10 books of delicious recipes! From marinated skewers of chicken, tofu or veggies, to thick cut steaks- pretty much everything tastes better after sizzling over a hot grill, even dessert! These books will take your barbie skills to the next level. Most of them are available digitally too so you don't need to worry about getting barbecue sauce on the pages.

Awesome Graphic Novels for Youth


Graphic novels are a great way to get reluctant readers to open a book. We've pulled together an awesome list of kid-focused graphic novels that will encourage young readers to dive in and get lost in a fictional world.

Graphic Novels for Adults


Whether you want some good ole sci-fi or something a little closer to home that speaks to social issues today, pour over the pages of one of these graphic novels. See through the eyes of an interracial family as they struggle with American identity or view the complexities of childbirth from a new perspective.

Pride Month Books for Youth


LGBTQ+ books for youth to read during Pride Month. These picks celebrate self-confidence and self-acceptance.


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