July Art Walk: Art Tours, Zinester Meetup, Board Games & More!

Monday, July 1, 2024

We are open for Art Walk

#We Are Open for Art Walk

Celebrate our community's deep pool of creative talent with us on the first Wednesday of each month in Downtown Jacksonville! The Main Library stays open until 9 p.m. for the festivities! We are conveniently located directly across from James Weldon Johnson Park, one of Art Walk's two major hubs of activity. This month, check out local art in the gallery, join the zinesters meeting and collaborating in the Zine Zone, or sign up for an art tour.

Don't forget to pick up a Map & Guide to the Main Library on your way in! You'll find public art, a huge vintage map collection and more!


#We Are Open for Art Tours

Photo of an art tour in progress. Tour guide is talking about the August Savage bust on the fourth floor.

Docent-Led Art Tours Start at 6 PM

We are open for art tours

Augusta Savage, Al Held, Kathryn Freeman, Lee Adams, Jerry Uelsmann. Do you know that works by these artists and many more are on permanent display at the Main Library? Come take a 20-minute docent-led tour during Art Walk and (re)discover these remarkable paintings, sculptures, and photographs. Tours start every half hour starting at 6 p.m. Meet the docent by the Art Tours sign in the Pacjic Promenade (the entry/hallway on the first floor).

Registration is strongly recommended. The last tour starts at 8 p.m.

Note: In addition to the permanent works, we also have exhibits that rotate regularly in our galleries on the first, second, and third floors, featuring works by local students and professional artists. 

Looking for something more in-depth? Take a longer, 45-minute tour on Saturday, July 27, at 10:30 a.m. or 1:30 p.m. Interested in being a volunteer art docent? Apply to volunteer at the Library


#Drop-In Activities

Zinester & Comix Makers Meetup

Zinester Meetup First Wednesday during Art Walk

Do you read zines? Make your own comics? Want to take a truly DIY approach to self-publishing? Drop by the Main Library every first Wednesday of the month (during Art Walk) from 6 - 8:30 p.m. where local zinesters meet to network, learn skills, do group projects, and make art! They meet in the "Zine Zone" across from the first-floor gallery. 

If you haven't already, this is also a good time to browse the Zine Collection (they are available for checkout!). If you have a zine or self-published comic to donate to the Library, bring it with you! For more info, visit jaxlibrary.org/zines.

Meet Other Tabletop Board Gamers

Board Game Night flyer

Looking for other adults to play board games with? Come join us from 6-8 p.m. and enjoy a selection of our tabletop games and some good company. The group meets on the first floor in the open space with the big red carpet between the Gallery and the Zine Zone. Note: Participation from beginning to end is not required and players can join/leave at any time.

We're playing Azul, Betrayal at the House on the Hill, Cascadia, Codenames, Flamecraft, Horrified, Kites, Mysterium, Roll for the Galaxy, Splendor, Ticket to Ride, and Wavelength


#Current Exhibits

Painting of a flamingo staring at its reflection in the water

Nature and Nurture with art by Diantha York-Ripley

With images of soft landscapes, vibrant florals, lively street scenes, and momentous travel vistas, Diantha York-Ripley’s works show the fruition of years of Fine Arts study at the University of Florida as well as a mix of self-taught techniques and real-world exploration/inspiration. Her skyscapes echo of the clouds she once flew through as a flight attendant. Her strong style and color palette, speaks of her travels to experience new countries, cultures, landscapes, international art galleries, and art.

Diantha York-Ripley is a member of the Art Center Cooperative, Jacksonville, FL. Her solo art exhibition "Nature and Nurture" runs through July 5 in the galleries in the second and third-floor atrium. You can also preview the exhibit online.

Painting of a flamingo staring at its reflection in the water

Songs of the Summer

There's Jazz, Folk, Bluegrass, Country Western... and there are sounds of the night, tree frogs, cicadas, stories around campfires, children laughing in the park, splashing in the pool - all sounds and songs of summer in the city! 

a small green audio player that accompanies several of the paintings in this month's art showWhat truly distinguishes the Songs of the Summer art exhibition is a new, captivating interactive element the Art Center Cooperative and the Jacksonville Artists Guild have introduced. Find several discreet, low-volume players accompanying 16 of the art pieces in the Gallery at Main Library. The player breathes life into the song that inspired the artwork, crafting a one-of-a-kind and immersive experience for visitors.

Scan codes on the labels also lead to an information page featuring all the pieces. Once a piece of artwork is selected, the user is empowered to read more about the piece, make an online purchase if they wish, or even play a YouTube video of the song associated with the art.

The Songs of the Summer art exhibition runs through July 26. You can also preview the exhibit online.

The poster features a piece called "Narcissus in Pink" by artist Andrew Pollock and is inspired by the son of the Greek goddess Cephissus and the song "You're So Vain" by Carly Simon.

If you are interested in exhibiting your artwork at one of our libraries and you're already a member of The Art Center Cooperative, Inc. or Jacksonville Artists' Guild, please speak with your respective group about upcoming shows.