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Distribution of Free, Nonlibrary Publications

The Jacksonville Public Library provides space in some of its buildings for free, nonlibrary publications to be placed for library customers to peruse and pick up. This is done as a community service at branch libraries in the interest of providing customers with useful information from many sources. Space will not be available at the Main Library for free publications from outside sources.

A vendor or publisher who wishes to make a free publication available at a library building must obtain prior approval of the unit manager or Person-in-Charge before placing the publication in the Library. The decision to accept a publication is the prerogative of the manager of the facility, based on space availability.

Distribution of materials does not constitute Library endorsement of their contents.

Distribution of materials is subject to space limitations as determined by the Library. Only the area set aside for free, nonlibrary publications may be used for this purpose. All racks and other distribution equipment must be approved by the unit manager or designee before they can be placed in any Library building. Distribution equipment placed in a library without permission will be removed or discarded.

Priority for use of space devoted to distribution of free materials will be given to those produced by Library support groups and the City of Jacksonville. Other organizations, publishers, institutions, clubs, companies and individuals are eligible for space on a first come, first served basis.

It is the responsibility of all individuals or groups to deliver their materials to various Library facilities. The Library will not accept responsibility for delivering or distributing materials to various library locations, except publications of Library support groups and the City of Jacksonville.

Due to space limitations, each library location has the right to limit the number of copies of a publication that it will accept at one time for distribution.

Publications from or pertaining to geographic areas outside the Library’s immediate service area may be denied use of the space for distribution of free materials.

Publications larger than 11” x 17” or more than 200 pages in length may be denied use of the space for distribution of free materials because of space limitations.

The Library is solely responsible for the acceptance and placement of materials in and the aesthetic appearance of the area devoted to distribution of free materials. Individuals or vendors may not rearrange any materials or remove the entire stock of any publication, other than their own, placed in the Library for free distribution.

The Library has the right to dispose of materials that are no longer current, are beyond their publication cycle, or have been in the Library for distribution more than one month. The Library reserves the right to dispose of racks or other distribution equipment that are unsightly or have been in the Library for more than one week.

The Library has the right to dispose of materials, racks and other equipment left outside the buildings on library grounds.

Complaints about enforcement of this policy or about free materials left in the Library for distribution must be made in writing and delivered to the Person-in-Charge at the library where the material is available. The complaint will be immediately forwarded to the Library Administration for review.

Approved by the Board of Library Trustees on December 8, 2005

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