Tia Mackey Leathers

Tia Mackey Leathers

Tia Mackey Leathers, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Writejustness, LLC, truly cares about people. With 20+ years management experience in the nonprofit and public sectors, she is convinced the keys to success in any environment include effective communication and strong relationships.

Tia earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Communications with a focus on Public Relations from the University of North Florida. She has since earned her Master of Business Administration degree, completed a Developing Managerial Effectiveness program at The Pennsylvania State University, and a Strategic Frameworks for Nonprofit Organizations program at Harvard University. She also has national certifications in Cultural Intelligence and Unconscious Bias from the Cultural Intelligence Center. Tia served many years as the lead engagement professional for the 20th largest school district in the country, and worked with the nation's 4th largest district with minority-male mentoring. She has taught Group and Team Dynamics and Business Communications at the college level, was the Chief Executive Officer for a literacy nonprofit, and is a self-published author.

Tia is a member of and holds leadership positions in many community organizations. As a change-agent, Tia has positively influenced leaders, systems, and policies through compassionate communication with a pleasantly direct demeanor, and she believes her purpose is to help others do the same. As her life's story unfolds, she enjoys shaping the stories of others and helping to provide the strategies, support, and training necessary to make the world a better place for us all.

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