Veterans Day

Veterans Day Books for Adults

War has a huge emotional and physical impact on veterans and their families. This Veteran’s Day, we’ve put together a selection of stories from our collection in honor of those who have served. So, while many focus on what they are grateful for this month: The Library invites you to read true stories of courage and sacrifice from the men and women who have served in uniform on the front lines in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria.

Celebrating Veterans Day - An Interview with Joe Tillman, President of the Buffalo Soldiers Historical Society

Buffalo soldiers, veterans day, Buffalo Soldiers Jacksonville, Joe TIllman, Jacksonville Public Library

In honor of Veterans Day, we interviewed Joe Tillman, President of the Buffalo Soldiers Historical Society, on our latest episode of Completely Booked. We explore the history of African American soldiers, and discuss ways to express appreciation for veterans on this special day.

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