Let's Talk About Poop - Poozeum

Jenna and hurley with George in the map room holding his coprolite

That's right. We're talking about poop on Completely Booked this week. Fossilized poop that is, or Coprolite, as the fancy pants say. We prefer just good ole poo though. George Frandsen is the creator of the Poozeum, and the owner of the largest fossilized poop collection in the world. He is very passionate about his poop and hopes to one day own the largest piece of fossilized poop in the world. We are hoping that dream comes true for him!

Sisterhood of the Traveling Tales - Angelina + Berkeley

Hurley and Jenna with Angelina and Berkeley in front of a shelf in Children's department

Angelina (4 years old) and Berkeley (2 years old) are our youngest, and dare we say cutest, guests on Completely Booked thus far. With the help of their mom Erica they are showing the world how to have fun while doing science projects on their Instagram account @ScienceSis. Learn more about their favorite library service, the Traveling Tales. Our Early Childhood Specialist Susan Mankowski tells why the Traveling Tales are a great way to engage kids in learning. 

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