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Ten Books To Pump You And Your Family Up For The SuperBowl

SuperBowl Books For Kids

Super Bowl Sunday is just days away! It doesn’t matter if you’re a football fan or not, it’s hard to avoid the pre-Super Bowl hype. There are the commercials, the predictions friends, family and colleagues make of who is going to win, the social media posts, the half-time show sneak peeks and of course, books! It’s more than the biggest game in football; it’s an experience and it's an experience the whole family can get it on.

Books To Get Kids Pumped For The Winter Olympics

Books To Get Kids Pumped For The Winter Olympics

The Olympics offer an opportunity to teach kids important lessons about resilience, teamwork, discipline, winning, and losing. Learn more about the Olympic history and winter sports featured at the event with this list of children’s books available through the Library. From silly reads to true stories of barrier-breaking athletes, these books will inspire and entertain your own little athletes all year long.

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