Jax Stacks Reading Challenge

Join a Library Book Club or Jax Stacks Reading Challenge in April

Join a Library Book Club

If you haven't joined the Jax Stacks Reading Challenge yet... there's still plenty of time! In April, we're focusing on two of the sixteen challenge categories: "A book of poetry, essays or short stories" and "A book read by a Library Book Club in 2024." How perfect is that?! Not only can you find great recommendations for celebrating National Poetry Month, but if you're already a member of a Library Book Club you've likely already fulfilled at least one challenge category! That means you just have 11 more to go!

Staff Picks: Sports Books for March

Staff Picks Sports Books

Hey, sports fans! We know March can be an exciting time in the sports world - especially locally! Do you participate in the Gate River Run? Or are you thinking about training for next year? Excited about THE PLAYERS Championship? Never miss a chance to watch golf's greatest players? Looking for tips to improve your own swing? Or are you waiting for March Madness and all the baskets and brackets that come with it? Our staff have put together a few of their favorite books, with readers like you in mind.

Celebrate Reading! Join a Library Book Club in March

Join a Library Book Club

Did you know? March 3-9 is Celebrate Reading Week in Jacksonville! This year's theme, Where the Wild Books Are, is designed to take our City's youngest readers on adventures with fictional and real-life animals to show them just how exciting reading and learning can be! If you're a parent, you know how important it is for your kids to see you reading for enjoyment. But as adults, we're all reading role models! So, in addition to attending all of these fun, bookish programs and events as a family: Why not join a Library Book Club and model reading for the next generation of bookworms?!

Love Your Library! Join a Book Club in February

Join a Library Book Club

Library Lovers' Day is celebrated on February 14 each year to honor libraries, librarians, book lovers, and anyone who loves libraries. If you're reading this, chances are you love your Library, too!

One of the best things about libraries is - they are a great place to find your community. When it comes to books you're interested in... who better to talk to than friendly, local folks who like the same genres, authors and characters?! If you'd like to meet some fellow bookworms and get some great reading recommendations while you're at it, consider joining a Library Book Club and/or the Jax Stacks Reading Challenge this month! 

Travel Across Space and Time: Read A Book In Honor of Sci Fi Day!

Books for Sci Fi Day

Do you like exploring strange new worlds with your favorite away team? Do you dress up as one of those space wizards with laser swords from a galaxy far, far away? Do you like time travel, alternate universes, steampunk, and robots? National Science Fiction Day is celebrated (unofficially) every January 2 by fans across the U.S. If you're looking for your next escape into fantastical, futuristic worlds filled with advanced technology, we've got some great recommendations to get you started!

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