Teen Lit Chat + Book Giveaway with Jax Author Bethany Baptiste

Wednesday, March 6, 2024

Teen Lit Chat with Bethany Baptiste

# Love Potions are a Dangerous Business

Morally gray Black witches. Sisterhood. Politics and rebellion. Bi main characters. Ride-or-die nonbinary baes. The Poisons We Drink is a potent YA debut about a world where love potions are weaponized against hate and prejudice, sisterhood is unbreakable, and self-love is life and death. 

The Poisons We Drink book cover

"I made The Poisons We Drink with two cups of Practical Magic, a gallon of Black girls, a sprinkle of bad witches, and a pinch of unbreakable bonds. But when everything's all boiled down, this story is my heart." - Bethany Baptiste


Teen Lit Chat with Bethany Baptiste, Wednesday, March 27, from 4:30- 5:30 p.m. This event will take place live at the Brentwood Library and is intended for teens (ages 12-19). 

Note: A limited number of copies of The Poisons We Drink will be given away to participants (when it is released on May 7) just for attending. Adult fans of YA are also more than welcome to attend (but the book giveaway is just for teens).

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A born-and-raised Jacksonvillian, Bethany Baptiste is a preschool inclusion specialist by day and a young adult SFF novelist by night. If she’s not writing an inclusion support plan or a story, she does retail therapy in Florida bookstores and takes scheduled naps with her two chaotic evil dogs. You can visit her at bethanybaptiste.com


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Here are some dark, unputdownable Black YA reads perfect for fans of thrills, chills, and anything but ordinary:


  1. 2nd & Charles: Score affordable, used books.
  2. Soupa Noodle Bar: Enjoy a hot, delicious bowl of ramen.
  3. Cinemark Tinseltown: Catch the latest movie and munch on some movie snacks. 
  4. Insomnia Cookies: Treat yourself to warm cookies and ice cream.


  • BLOOD & WATER (Netflix): This show is perfect for fans of shadowy family secrets, elite schools, and crime underworlds.
  • GEN V (Amazon): This show is about superheroes in college but like on really, really dark, twisty steroids. 
  • TINY PRETTY THINGS (Netflix): This show gives you a glimpse into the glamorous yet cutthroat world of ballet.
  • SELAH AND THE SPADES (Amazon): If elite boarding schools, dark academia aesthetics, and cunning Black female leads are a vibe to you, check this movie out. 

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