Play Outside Day: StoryWalk® in Klutho Park

National Play Outside Day with StoryWalk at Klutho Park

Did you know that February 6 is both "National Play Outside Day" and "Take Your Child To the Library Day" this year? So, how do you choose which one to celebrate? After all, they are both great ways to spend a Saturday! Well, this year, you don't have to choose. While there are no scheduled events or activities... there is something you can do that's both Library-related and involves playing in a park! Have you heard about StoryWalk® in Klutho Park?

Now Open! StoryWalk in Klutho Park!

Storywalk in Klutho Park Jacksonville Florida
StoryWalk® is a fun and educational tool for children and adults to enjoy literacy, physical activity and the outdoors all at the same time. A StoryWalk® is a series of signs featuring sequential spreads from a children’s picture book. Those pages are spread throughout the park so that community members can engage in reading children’s books in a unique environment.

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