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Staff Picks Genre Study – Wuxia: A Quick Guide to the Fantastical Genre

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As the world becomes more globally connected through the internet and social media, there is an increased interest in other cultures, especially Asian media. Japanese media such as anime and manga are perhaps the most accessible to western audiences. However, as streaming services and other media outlets increases accessibility, other forms of Asian media, notably K-pop and K-drama originating in South Korea, have become more popular. There is plenty for library users to explore.

Staff Picks Genre Study - Jacksonville Public Library Local Author Collection

Library Staff Picks for a genre study

Whether you're seeking captivating fiction, enlightening non-fiction, or engaging poetry, this sampling from the Jacksonville Public Library’s Local Author Collection celebrates the unique perspectives and stories that make our city a rich source of literary inspiration. With thought-provoking narratives and engaging poetry that resonates with the ebb and flow of the St. Johns River, these pages encapsulate the very essence of our city.

Staff Picks Genre Study – Quick and Easy Cooking

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With the introduction of the TV dinner in 1954 and the popularization of the microwave oven in American households twenty years later, the terms “quick” and “easy” are as much a part of the American diet as hamburgers and hotdogs. Even when something comes out of the traditional oven rather than the microwave, it is often a premade casserole prepared by the industrious Mrs. Stouffer.

Staff Picks Genre Study – Summertime Reads, Picture Books About Togetherness

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Summer is a time for adventure, exploration, and spending time with loved ones. It's a time when families and communities come together to create memories and share experiences. In this picture book list of reads, we explore the theme of "all together now" through stories that celebrate togetherness, teamwork, and inclusivity. From a wombat offering his home to unexpected guests to learning to say hello in different languages, these books are sure to inspire children to appreciate the beauty of working together and the importance of being kind and supportive of one another.

Staff Picks Genre Study - Jacksonville Jazz Festival: A Jacksonville Tradition and an American Celebration

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Just as it was once a central location for the film industry before there was a Hollywood, Jacksonville was a sister city to New Orleans in ushering in the age of jazz. Before the suburbs expanded and Jacksonville grew to the county-wide residential area it is today, the vibrant downtown area between Ashley and Broad Street was known as the Harlem of the South. The heart of the jazz scene in north Florida, it would host the biggest names of the day and see the emergence of up and coming jazz artists such as Ray Charles.

Staff Picks Genre Study - What You Might Enjoy Based on Your Favorite Streaming Program

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Those born after the advent of DVR and streaming services probably never heard the yell from a sibling, “hurry, it’s ON!” We now look at the 1980s the way we once looked at shows like Happy Days. At that time, the only way to see a show was to watch it when it first came on or wait until the summer to watch a rerun.

Staff Picks Genre Study - Domestic Noir: The Crime Genre You Didn’t Know You Needed

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If you are anything like me, you may have already become an expert in the domestic noir genre, without even realizing it. Ever since the publication of Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl, back in 2012, I have been voraciously reading every book that allows me to take a peek behind the curtain into other people’s seemingly perfect lives.


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