National Novel Writing Month Books

Are you having trouble getting motivated to finally sit down and write that book you’ve been saying you would write one day? This month is the perfect month to start. Join writers of all kinds who can give you advice and encouragement to get writing. If you’re not sure how to start, here is a perfect booklist that will give you a running head start.

November 2020 New Book Releases for Youth

Whether you’re just learning to read or have already mastered the skill, check out our new Kids’ and YA releases for November. Make a cup of hot cocoa, gather your loved ones and curl up with these books as you transition through the holiday season.

November 2020 New Book Releases for Adults

This month’s new books are full of mystery, suspense, and adventure that you won’t want to miss. Whether you’re looking for your next reading escape or perusing through a few books to find a perfect holiday gift — November’s got you covered.

Chocolate Day Books

Attention all chocoholics! Today is your day! To help satisfy your chocolate craving and the new urge to cook from home, we've put together a delicious booklist that contains something for everyone - from fiction to the history of chocolate, and of course, some recipes that will make your mouth water. Once you are done baking, sit back, enjoy your chocolate and read some chocolate-themed fiction (choco-fic?). Turns out chocolate lovers, it is not just your day today, it's your year!

Election Day Youth Books

Is everyone allowed to vote? How did elections begin? What is the electoral college? Explaining all of this to children can be tricky! These books will help introduce your children to the intricacies of our electoral process in terms they can understand and get them ready to vote when it's their turn!


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