2021 Olympics Booklist

Are you watching the 2021 Olympic Games in Tokyo? We've put together a list of inspiring, Olympic-themed books to get the whole family pumped for the Summer Olympic Games!

Books for Adults

Books for Kids

A Gateway to A Lifelong Love of Reading

Comics – and their longer-form siblings, graphic novels – are more than just books with pretty pictures. The art form has grown to include a wider variety of stories and characters (not just superheroes). What’s more: they have a lot to offer young readers. For those struggling, they can help build confidence, comprehension and vocabulary. For teens, graphic novels can help them tackle tough topics or feel seen. This Graphic Novels in Libraries Month, give comics and graphic novels another look. You might be surprised what you find!

Graphic Novels for Children

Graphic Novels for Teens

Grown Up Graphic Novels

Graphic novels have grown up! It’s not just about superheroes anymore. Some have even won awards. Covering just about every genre and subject matter imaginable, graphic novels are just as varied and complex as their prose (or text-only) counterparts. This Graphic Novels in Libraries Month, take another look at graphic novels. From “slice of life” and humor to biographies and historical non-fiction: there’s something for everyone.

Children's Books for Fourth of July

With America’s birthday approaching, why not up the fun of the festivities with some great Fourth of July reads? We’ve compiled a list of Fourth of July books for kids that are both educational and entertaining.

Hot Days, Ice Tea, Cool Reads

Can you think of something more refreshing -- on a long, sweltering summer day in the South -- than sipping on a tall, icy-cold glass of satisfyingly sweet tea and reading that Carolina swamp-girl mystery everybody’s been talking about and you just can’t put down? Whether you’re alone (engaging in some much-needed self-care), beachside and pouring over the latest bestseller or you’re chatting about your next book club read with your bestie from the comfort of well-used front porch swing: Southern-style sweet tea and sizzling summer reads just go hand in hand. So, this Iced Tea Month enjoy this short list of cool classic and contemporary Summer/Southern reads.


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