December 2020 New Releases

We've put together a booklist of December's most anticipated New Releases for 2020. This month’s new books are full of cultivating good habits, mystery, and adventure that you won’t want to miss. So make a mug of hot cocoa, snuggle under your warmest blanket, and settle in for a long winter’s read by the fire with these cozy December books.

Thanksgiving Books for Kids

Start some new traditions this Thanksgiving and read some great books on sharing, gratitude, family, the first Thanksgiving, and, of course, turkeys! These books are all about what make Thanksgiving one of the biggest family and community celebrations of the year.

Veterans Day Books for Adults

War has a huge emotional and physical impact on veterans and their families. This Veteran’s Day, we’ve put together a selection of stories from our collection in honor of those who have served. So, while many focus on what they are grateful for this month: The Library invites you to read true stories of courage and sacrifice from the men and women who have served in uniform on the front lines in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria.

Picture Book Month Books

In libraries, classrooms, family rooms, and at bedtime around the world, every day print picture books take children on incredible journeys of discovery and bring people together. Whether it’s a new or beloved story, children begin to associate words with meaning and are introduced to beautiful artwork that they can hold in their lap. Picture Book Month is an international literacy initiative that celebrates the print picture book and its importance during the month of November.

Native American Heritage Month Books for Youth

November is Native American Heritage Month, a celebration of the many varied Native American cultures. Teach your children about Native American Heritage Month with these great books by Indigenous authors and illustrators.

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