Books By and For People with Disabilities

The Americans with Disabilities Act has reduced barriers, changed perceptions, expanded opportunities, and increased access for 31 years. To celebrate the anniversary of the signing of the ADA, the Library has put together this list of books by and for people with disabilities. It's so important for everyone to see themselves reflected what we read, watch, and listen to and for people to be able to tell their own stories regardless of their abilities.

Youth List

Teen List

Adult List

Job and Career Resources for Veterans

Transitioning to civilian life can be hard. But as a veteran, you are highly disciplined and trained and, more often than not, have more transferable skills than you realize. These books are full of practical tips to help veterans with their resumes, networking and interview skills, and so much more.

Books For Kids To Put On Hold This Month

Fiction and non-fiction galore! July has new releases that are guaranteed to keep kids entertained! A to Z Mysteries (Crime in the Crypt) by Ron Roy features familiar characters (Josh, Dink, and Ruth Rose) going on strange, thrilling adventures! Snakes Smell With Their Tongues!: And Other Amazing Facts by Thea Feldman presents itself as a book full of exciting snake facts. The best part is we currently have our annual summer reading challenge, and these books can help you in your mission! Check out the full list below and be sure to put a few on hold.

A Non-Binary Day Booklist for Adults

First celebrated in 2012, International Non-Binary People’s Day is an opportunity to recognize and celebrate those who do not identify exclusively as male or female (masculine or feminine). This booklist is for anyone and everyone - in the community or ally - who might be struggling or need better language to describe their own or another's gender identity or gender expression. If you're new to they/them/their or other gender-neutral personal pronouns or you just want to read books by non-binary, gender nonconforming, and trans authors or stories with gender diverse characters, check out this list.

Books About Gender Non-Conformity for Youth

Youth Booklist

Teen Booklist

For gender non-conforming children and teens, or those who don't quite fit in the boy/girl binary: it can be hard to find role models or language to express their identity or feelings. Many of the books in this list are written by authors and/or include characters who identify as non-binary, gender non-conforming, or transgender. Many also provide tips for parents who want to start an age-appropriate discussion about gender identity and expression.

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