"Tough night. Thank you to everyone that was with us on this ride. We will be back. #DUUUVAL"


Well said, Trevor. Good luck in the rest of the post-season, Chiefs. We'll see you next year...if you make it :-P

Transgender Awareness Week

Are you or someone you love transgender or gender non-conforming? While there are many great examples of positive trans representation in media, there’s nothing quite like getting into a good book and getting into the mind of someone with real, lived experience. What is it like to be transgender outside of the spotlight of Hollywood? How do every day trans folks and the people who love them navigate life, love, careers and coming of age?

Inspiration for Artists

Has the “Muse” been a little fickle (or absent) lately? Are you looking for inspiration or some fresh ideas to get your creative juices flowing again? Sometimes you get in a rut, encounter a block, or just stop enjoying what you do. Or maybe you’re already making art consistently but you realize that you have settled into a comfort zone that you’d very much like to step out of... If inspiration is lacking or you just want to try a new thing, you’ll find plenty of ideas and food for the creative soul in our stacks.

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