Dictionary Day Books

How do words get their meanings? Why don't you ask the criminally insane murderer who helped with the Oxford English Dictionary? Learn about the backstory behind where words come from, and maybe find something new about what your name means.

Polish American Heritage Month Books

Check out this amazing booklist that celebrates Polish heritage. Learn about Poland’s Joan of Arc, Queen Jadwiga. Read about spies who risked their lives, airmen with remarkable gallantry, underground movements with extraordinary tenacity, and more. Take a page out of these books (not literally please!) to find out how these Poles sought to learn more about their roots and found healing years after the Nazis were defeated from strong family ties.

Family History Month Books

Who knows how big your family really is? Learn more about your family roots or find out the family histories of some of the world's greatest role models.

13 Not-So-Scary Books for Kids

Have no fear! Only friendly monsters here. These cute bedtime stories will have your kids smiling even after you tuck them in to sleep.

13 Scary Books for Adults

BEWARE: these books are not for the faint hearted! These supernatural suspense novels with mysterious deaths and unsettling disappearances will reveal new horrors at every chapter. Read at your own risk!

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