Great Books for Mom This Mother's Day

Give Mom what she really wants this Mother’s Day, some time to relax with a good book. We've rounded up some of the best books for moms, ranging from amazing stories of history’s mightiest matriarchs to funny memoirs about the foggy days of new parenthood, to self-help books that help moms manage mommy burnout. We've also compiled a list of books that moms can read with their little ones that are guaranteed to warm hearts.

Military Spouse Appreciation Day

Life as a military spouse takes a lot of courage. For some, it’s as much a calling as it is a commitment. The work can be emotionally draining - as it too often involves hardship, separation, and loneliness. But it can also be incredibly inspiring and worthwhile: as their stories attest. Traditionally set for the Friday before Mother’s Day, Military Spouse Appreciation Day recognizes the important role that military families, especially spouses, play in keeping our military strong and our country safe. Today, we honor all those who serve - in and out of uniform - with these stories of love, family, and duty.

A Galaxy of Books

Adult Booklist

Youth Booklist

Are you a fan of space wizards who carry laser swords or are you just another scruffy-looking nerf herder? Catch up with your favorite characters from a galaxy far, far away or meet a whole different cast of characters and Jedi from the newly-expanded High Republic era with Star Wars books, audiobooks, and comics! Whether it’s those sassy, lovable droids from the Skywalker Saga; Ahsoka Tano, Rex, Grand Admiral Thrawn and others from the Clone Wars or Rebels series; Vader himself; or even those older Expanded Universe “Legends” you hope make a reappearance in the new canon… Light Side or Dark: The choice is yours! May the 4th (and the Force) be with you!

Children's Book Week 2021: Reading Is A Superpower

What’s a great way to unite kids and adults with books, authors and illustrators? Superheroes! Established in 1919, Children’s Book Week is the longest-running national literacy initiative in the country. Every year, events are held nationwide at schools, libraries, bookstores, and in homes—wherever young readers and books connect. This booklist inspired by this year's theme "Reading is a Superpower".

Comics Are Always Free At the Library

Whether you’re a first-time comic book reader or a seasoned fan, Free Comic Book day is a great way to find new reads, revisit old favorites, or even explore some indie or niche creators. Of course, comics are always free to read at the Library and with Hoopla, you can enjoy instant digital access to hundreds of comics and graphic novels from top publishers like DC and Marvel. So, delve as deep as your heart desires into the fantastical worlds of those superheroes, villains, and even side characters from DC, Marvel, or Star Wars you already follow on the big and small screen.

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